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Cricket is watched by most of the population in the country. It is the most popular sport where the cricketers are considered to be next to gods and ideal for many aspiring and budding cricketers. Cricket is played in every corner of the country. Cricket is not only a popular game but involves a set of emotions and feelings of every citizen who watches cricket. People are crazy to get news updates on various channels.

Cricket is very famous among the audiences for various reasons that are listed below-

1. Cricket is a game that has simple rules and regulations– You can find people of every age group playing Cricket in every part of the country. It does not cost much as you need a bat, or ball to enjoy the game. Budding cricketers pursue the game after playing Cricket at the district level.  Aspiring cricketers come to know the latest cricket news that is available on various channels

2. Cricket has emerged to be a world-class game- Cricket is not only known in India but it is famous all over the world. This game is pursued by most young and aspiring cricketers as they worship the known batsman as Demigods and heroes.

3. The ICC tournament victories made this game more popular– Various tournaments are played in India and foreign land gained popularity when the Indian team showed the best performances. The Indian team won the World cup in the year 1983 and 2011. This victory made the game more popular in India. Not only did India win the World cup but also the Champions trophy in 2007. The batsman gained celebrity status and most of the students wanted to adopt this game as their career.

4. IPL emerged as a huge hit– IPL and T20 league was the main source of entertainment and it became popular in small cities too. BCCI became the most influential and known Cricket board. They were flooded by the response of leading sponsor of Cricket tournament.

Many channels give live news about daily cricket. They not only provide us with the latest news connected to cricket but also everything happening in the life of players. These channels give tips related to cricket. They give you updates about the series and matches being played in different parts of the country. New players being introduced to the team are made known to the population of India who are curious to know about the latest updates. Different changes being made in the cricket team are updated by the channels. They also give information about the stadium’s status and the condition of the pitch. This information helps the betters to predict the highest score made by the team.

 The channels also update you about the latest statistics and venues where the total matches are going to be played. The punters rely on the cricket news for today delivered by these channels.

 In comparison to men’s cricket, women’s cricket is not very popular. There are many reasons according to the latest news why so many issues are faced by women’s cricket teams. There are many reasons behind the lack of popularity in case of the women’s cricket teams that are listed below-

 1. There is a lack of resources and viewers when it comes to women’s cricket teams– As we all know that Indian society is a male-dominated society. The Indian women’s cricket team seems to be non-existent because most advertising companies find that there are no sponsors for the branding of the Indian women’s cricket team.

 2. No one is willing to take initiative and there is a lack of management in the Indian women’s cricket team– Australia is the only continent that pioneers in the development of the women’s cricket team. They were 637000 viewers in the Melbourne cricket tournament. The women’s cricket team is unable to attract a large crowd and they get nervous when they face a huge audience. They are not able to play cricket under pressure. In the year 2017, the Indian women’s cricket team lost the world cup as they panicked in front of a huge crowd.

 3. We need to bring a change in our mindset– If we have to bring popularity to the women’s cricket team we need to change our mind-set that it is not a male-dominated game. The women have equal strength and stamina to play this well-known game.

According to the latest cricket news Indian women cricket team would play against the New Zealand women team. It will be a one day international with a series of 5 matches. This match would be played in Queensland on February 12. John Davis oval has the finest pitch. Indian women’s cricket team had lost T20 match by 18 runs. Minor changes will be made in the Indian women’s cricket team where Smriti Mandhana will be available for one day international to be played against New Zealand. Mithali Raj would be the captain of Indian women’s cricket team. These two players would boost the spirits of Indian women’s cricket team. They will be no change in the batting line up of New Zealand women’s cricket team. These two teams are playing against each other for the first time. It would be an interesting match.

 The minutest detail about the cricket game thrills cricket lovers. It is the ultimate game that draws the attention of the media and sponsors. The viewers don’t miss even a single ball and run made by a batsman. Cricket is the best career option for young aspiring cricketers. So what are you waiting for go and watch the latest news channels and get updates about the cricket game? The fantasy Cricket league is gaining popularity and is the most selling game among the sponsors and advertising companies. More and more teams are joining the fantasy league and so there is more chance of minting money.

The cricketers are considered to be the best sports person and athletes. The game is full of thrill and excitement. All age groups enjoy watching this game with friends and family. If they want to watch the matches they want to be updated on the latest news related to cricket


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