A Healthful And Spicy Combination

Many people love the taste of garlic but may be unaware of the immense benefits of this spice. Learning about the advantages of adding garlic to dishes will help people discover how they can protect their health and why they should consider consuming garlic as much as possible. 

What Are the Amazing Benefits of Garlic?

The power of adding garlic to favorite recipes is essential to know. Keeping minced garlic on hand is convenient and allows individuals to consume plenty of garlic without the hassle of peeling the cloves. The following are some of the impressive benefits of consuming garlic regularly. 

  • Garlic may help lower blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels for more efficient flow. Relaxed blood vessels lead to improvements in flow and pressure. 
  • Garlic also fights chronic inflammation. This herb helps inhibit the action of specific inflammatory proteins. In a study conducted on 70 women with rheumatoid arthritis, study participants took 1,000 mg of garlic a day for eight weeks. Those who took the garlic supplement had improved inflammation markers, pain, and fatigue. 
  • Garlic has also been shown to reduce cholesterol. Studies have proven garlic consumption successfully reduces LDL and total cholesterol levels, which is crucial for reducing the risks of heart attack and stroke. 
  • Many people are surprised to learn garlic can also help improve their immune function. The allicin found in garlic is a natural anti-bacterial plant chemical. Garlic has been used since ancient times to treat and prevent infections. 
  • One of the many benefits of garlic to cardiovascular health is its ability to reduce blood clots. Regular consumption of garlic may help reduce the risks of atherosclerosis development. 
  • Garlic also has strong antioxidant properties, which fight free radicals that cause cellular damage in the body. Free radicals may lead to the development of cancer.

Garlic Offers a Tasty Addition to Recipes

When attempting to eat a healthy diet, adding spices like garlic is essential for good taste. Those who have never been a fan of garlic should try it again in different ways. Garlic has a mild flavor when cooked properly. For those who do not like the spicy sharpness of garlic, boiling a few cloves or microwaving them before chopping will make the flavor milder. The following offers some tips on enjoying garlic. 

  • When adding garlic to sauces, saute it gently for about 30 seconds before adding it to the other ingredients. This brief cooking time will mellow the garlic and make it sweeter. 
  • Marinating potatoes, turnips, carrots, or parsnips in garlic and olive oil ups their flavor profiles and makes them crisp nicely when roasted. 
  • Pickled garlic produces a mild and delicious flavor many people prefer over other herb forms. All that is necessary for pickled garlic is vinegar, salt, and a little sugar. 

How to Enjoy Raw Garlic

Although cooked garlic delivers many benefits, those increase when garlic is consumed raw. Eating raw garlic can lead to adverse reactions, so proceed slowly by trying a small amount at a time. 

To get the benefits without the pungent taste and burn of raw garlic, try cutting up a clove in fourths and swallowing them whole. Other ideas for enjoying raw garlic include adding it to salads, mixing it with butter, or juicing it with other vegetables. 

Add Garlic to Your Diet

If you are not enjoying garlic, you are missing out on the above benefits. Adding garlic to your diet can offer flavor and fun. 


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