A Guide to the Main Firearm Parts and Their Functions

If you’re part of the 32% of adults who own a firearm, then you know how crucial safety is. One of the first things you learn about when it comes to owning a gun is the components.

Knowing the main firearm parts can help you understand their function and if anything feels off, you’ll be able to quickly identify and remedy the situation.

Ready to learn more about the three basic parts of a firearm? Let’s get started.


Certain gun enthusiasts could argue that the most important component of every firearm is the action. It consists of the moving parts that load, fire, and eject cartridges and shells. This makes it possible to fire the bullets from your gun.

Each year, nearly 500 people die from unintentional shootings. That’s why having the proper gun training is important. You want to do everything possible to reduce the risk of harm and knowing firearm parts is part of that.

Single-shot firearms feature a bolt, pump, and lever-action. Repeaters include an extra semi-automatic element.

The hammer is a small, metal hook that strikes the cartridge with every shot. The cylinder is a separate chamber and is used to store cartridges. The fore-end is under the barrel of a shotgun and you pull it to reload the shotgun with a shell.


The stock is also known as the butt, shoulder stock, or buttstock. It is the rear end of a rifle and is often made with a wooden, metal, or plastic frame.

The stock has three major functions. It provides structural support, facilitates shooting stability, and improves accuracy. The stock also serves as the platform for supporting the barrel and the action.

Part of the stock is the magazine. This is a vessel that operates with a spring. It is used to hold cartridges and is only found on repeaters that include a semiautomatic action mechanism.

There’s also the trigger, which activates the firearm’s action mechanism to initiate a shot. Another important firearm part is the gun receiver. The receiver is the part of a firearm which integrates other components by providing housing for internal action components, which makes it one of the most important parts. If you’d like to use a good receiver, you can opt for 80 lower receiver since they are legal in most states. An 80% lower receiver is finished with equipment such as a standard drill and router.


One of the most basic parts of a firearm is the gun barrel. This is the metal tube that discharges the given projectile through the gunpowder pressure. The end of the barrel has a muzzle and this is where the bullet exits.

If the barrel isn’t properly manufactured, then the bullet won’t go in the right direction. It’s crucial for firearm companies to design the barrel with accuracy in mind.

Inside the barrel is a hollow tube where the bullet travels. This is called the bore.

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The firearm parts mentioned above are only a small fraction of everything that makes up a gun. Be sure to extend your research to fully feel confident about handling a firearm.

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