A complete guide to TWC silver package

Time Warner Cable (TWC) or also referred to as Time Warner, was a cable television company based in the US. Before its acquisition by Charter Communications in 2016, it was ranked as the second-largest TV cable company in the United States. Back then, it was controlled by Warner communications and then by Time warner. The company started cable operations in 2009 March as a part of its huge restructuring. 

TWC offered three different TV packages. These three plans were TV select, double play select, and triple-play silver. The triple play silver TV package, or as it was otherwise referred to as the TWC silver package, was the highest package in the TWC TV cable packages.

The amazing benefits of opting for the TWC silver package was as follows

They offered over 175 channels to their customers.

They offered customers premium subscriptions to the NFL Network, Showtime as well as HBO max. 

The download speed of the internet can go all the way up to 200 MBPS.

There are no data caps associated if you choose to go for a triple play silver.

They also offer unlimited nationwide calling.

There are no contracts associated with the TWC silver package which binds you to the company.

Availability of free HD

TWC offered a wide variety of channels to their customers with free HD programming available. They only had to pay for the regular cable, and they could enjoy crisp colours with crystal clear sounds. They made their customers’ lives a lot more entertaining by making HD available to them.

DVR services

Everybody is almost always busy. We all have a lot to do. We have friends, work commitments, family issues that take up a lot of our time. All the tasks which are scheduled for the day most often make us miss our favourite TV shows or sports events. To counter this, PWC provided DVR services to their customers. DVR services made it possible to enjoy the latest episodes and the live shows of sports by recording them and playing them later. The customers had the option of setting the date and time of the show and setting it to get recorded. When the customer had time, he or she would go back and view the missed shows or sports events.

TWC also offered a TV app to their customers. This allowed their customers to watch their favourite TV shows not only on the TV but also on their mobile phones. Basically, the customers were allowed to take the TV with them wherever they went. All they needed was an internet connection, and they could entertain themselves by watching TV wherever they were. TWC removed the factor of confinement that always came with watching TV. They allowed people to watch TV while on the move.

TWC also offered on-demand choices to their customers. They made over 40,000 on-demand options available. Customers were allowed to select their favourite shows, seasons and movies by the use of the new TV spectrum app. Thus, TMC allowed its customers to enjoy their favourite shows either on the big screen at home or when they were travelling. The customers were given a lot of control wherever they were.

TWC also offered bundled packages. The advantage of opting for bundle packages was that you could get TV, Internet and phone services all packed in one. The prices of the bundle packs were very nominal and would easily fit in the customer’s monthly budget without burning a huge hole in the customers pocket.

Let’s check out the features of TWC silver and internet bundle packages

  • You can avail over 175 channels.
  • There is the availability of free HD
  • There had an option to stream live TV on the spectrum TV app
  • Almost unlimited amounts of data were available
  • The download speed reached 200 MBPS
  • Free antivirus software
  • Free modem included in the plan
  • No hidden contracts
  • Extremely budget-friendly. The plan for the TWC silver package started from $132.97 every month. 
  • They also allowed for long-distance and nation by calling.

When customers come back from a long and hectic day at work, they just want to relax and engage in destressing for a while. Life is too short to spend constantly being under won all the other stress. However, if you switch on your TV and find that the show that is coming on the TV is boring and hideous, it would only add to your everyday stress. TWC understood that and allowed for the on-demand channels as well as the recording feature, which allows the customers to record their favourite shows and watch them later. This way, when the customer would switch on the TV, they would only be greeted by their favourite shows and not by the shows that they do not like.

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