789bet Casino Cockfighting Diverse Odds and Forms of Cockfighting

Casino cockfighting has always been one of the forms of entertainment that many people love and participate in. And now, with the development of technology, cockfighting is also available on online betting floors. Among them, 789bet is one of the most prestigious and quality casinos today. With a cockfighting betting system with diverse odds and fighting forms, 789bet is attracting a lot of customer attention. This article will introduce details about 789bet and the highlights of the cockfighting betting system here.

Introduction to 789bet Casino Cockfighting

To better understand 789bet casino cockfighting, we need to learn about this betting floor. 789bet is one of the reputable and famous bookmakers in Vietnam. Established in 2015, 789bet has quickly become one of the most popular casinos among players. With a team of experienced and dedicated staff, 789bet is committed to bringing customers the best cockfighting experience.

The cockfighting betting system at 789bet is linked with many famous casinos such as HappyLuke, K8, Fun88, W88… to broadcast live cockfights with the best image and sound quality. Not only that, 789bet also provides fast and dedicated transaction support services, ensuring the security of customers’ personal information.

With the goal of bringing customers great entertainment experiences and attractive bonuses, 789bet always strives tirelessly to perfect its cockfighting betting system.

Plus points of Da Ga Casino 789bet

Diverse formats and tournaments

The strong point of 789bet casino cockfighting is the variety of forms and tournaments. Here, players can bet on popular forms of cockfighting such as knife spurs, cock strikes, iron spurs, Thomo or bamboo cocks. In addition, 789bet also organizes many attractive cockfighting tournaments such as 67 cockfighting tournament, traditional cockfighting tournament… This helps players have many options to freely bet and experience cockfighting. .

Account registration process at 789bet

To participate in betting at 789bet casino cockfighting, you need to have a login account on this betting floor. Therefore, the account registration process at 789bet is also very simple and fast. Here are the steps to register an account at 789bet:

  1. Go to 789bet’s official homepage: First, you need to access 789bet’s homepage via the link https://789bet.net or https://789bet.com.
  2. Select Register: At the main interface of the website, you will see a red Register button in the upper right corner. Click this button to begin the account registration process.
  3. Fill in all required information: After pressing the Register button, an account registration form will appear before your eyes. You need to fill in all necessary information such as login name, password, email, phone number, bank name and bank account number.
  4. Confirm registration and submit application: After filling in all information, you need to confirm registration by checking the box “Agree to terms and policies”. Next, press the “Submit” button to complete registration.
  5. Update personal information, deposit money and place bets: After your account is confirmed and activated, you can update personal information and deposit money into your account to start betting at 789bet. .

Diverse odds at Da Ga Casino 789bet

For cockfighting players, having many different betting levels is very important. And at 789bet, you won’t have to worry about this because their betting system is very diverse. Below is a list of bets being offered by 789bet:

Cua Dao Odds

The knife bet is one of the most popular and popular bets at 789bet casino cockfighting. This is a fight between two iron chickens, with a fighting time of 10 to 15 minutes. Players will bet on which chicken will win or the tie rate between the two chickens.

Chicken Strike Betting

Chicken strike bet is also one of the popular bets at 789bet. In this bet, two chickens will fight high and try to kick each other with a pair of legs. The fighting time of this bet is from 10 to 15 minutes and players will also bet on the winning cock or the draw.

Iron Spur Odds

The iron spur bet can be considered one of the most “easy to play, easy to win” bets at 789bet casino cockfighting. In this bet, each chicken will be equipped with a pair of iron spurs and try to confront the opponent. Players will also bet on the winning cock or the draw.

Thomo odds

This is a special bet and was recently introduced by 789bet. The Thomo handicap is a combination of knife spurs and iron spurs, each chicken is equipped with a pair of knife spurs and a pair of iron spurs. This is a very attractive bet and requires the ingenuity and talent of the fighting cock.

Bamboo Chicken Odds

Bamboo cock bet is one of the “best” bets at 789bet casino cockfighting. In this bet, two chickens will fight each other with a pair of knife spurs, but more specifically, the fighting time will be shorter, only 5 to 10 minutes. This helps players make a lot of money in a short time.

Instructions for betting at Da Ga Casino 789bet

To bet at 789bet casino cockfighting, you need to have an account and enough balance to bet. Here are detailed instructions for betting at 789bet:

  1. Log in to your account: First, you need to log in to your account on 789bet’s website.
  2. Choose a bet: Next, you choose one of the bets you want to participate in.
  3. Select bet level and fighting cock: After selecting a bet, you will see a list of fighting cocks participating in that bet. Please choose the bet level and fighting cock as you like.
  4. Bet confirmation: Before sending a bet, you need to confirm your personal information and account balance. Then, simply press the “Submit” button to complete the bet.
  5. Waiting for results: You will be able to watch the match live and wait for the results. If the fighting cock you choose wins, you will receive the corresponding prize amount.

Live Streaming and Live Chat features

One of the special features that attracts many players at 789bet casino cockfighting is the Live Streaming and Live Chat features. This helps players to watch and bet on cockfighting matches right on 789bet’s website.

Live Streaming

The Live Streaming feature at 789bet casino cockfighting allows players to watch live cockfighting matches taking place. This way, players can watch each fighting phase, each cock strike live and monitor the results in the most realistic way. Having the Live Streaming feature helps players feel more excited and creates a traditional casino-like experience.

Live chat

In addition to watching matches live, players can also use the Live Chat feature to interact, exchange and even bet together. This feature helps create a vibrant and engaged online cockfighting community. Players can share experiences, comments about the chickens and guide each other during the game.

Benefits of Live Streaming and Live Chat

  1. Direct interaction: Live Streaming and Live Chat help players interact directly with each other and with the dealer, creating a lively and attractive gaming environment.
  2. Follow the match in detail: Thanks to the Live Streaming feature, players can watch each fight and each cock strike in detail and realistically.
  3. Meeting for to learn: Live chat allows players to interact and learn gaming experiences from other players, thereby improving their skills and understanding of cockfighting.

The Live Streaming and Live Chat features at 789bet casino cockfighting are not only a support tool for gaming but also a place to exchange and connect with the community of players who are passionate about online cockfighting.


Above is some information about 789bet casino cockfighting, one of the leading online casinos today. With a diverse betting system, Live Streaming and Live Chat features, as well as an easy-to-use and safe interface, 789bet brings a great cockfighting gaming experience to players.

If you are passionate about cockfighting and want to try your hand at this game, register an account at 789bet today to receive many attractive incentives and participate in the exciting world of online cockfighting. Wish you luck and win big at 789bet!

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