7 Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas Homeowners Are Loving Right Now

According to Harvard’s annual LIRA report, the pandemic-fuel home improvement trend is holding firm and should peak at $430 billion in 2022. That’s only if rising material costs don’t put an end to this long-lived trend first.

So, if you’re considering revamping your patio for enhanced summer living this season, you need to act fast.

Is your budget too lean for structural improvements right now? The good news is you can improve the appearance and comfort of your existing patio, without undertaking any construction.

Check out these outdoor patio decor ideas that take outdoor living to a more luxurious level.

1. Eye-Catching Flooring

As in your home, your patio floor occupies a large visual space and can add considerably to your patio’s appeal. With this in mind, there’s no reason why your patio floor shouldn’t stand out as a design feature of your outdoor area.

Why not try some of these decorating ideas for outdoor patio floors:

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are among the most affordable flooring solutions available, and they’re hard-wearing enough to stand up to most outdoor temperature fluctuations.

It’s easy to keep these floors clean, and you can get non-slip varieties nowadays that don’t turn into a safety hazard when raindrops fall. You can choose from a huge range of ceramic tile flooring solutions, too.

Artificial stone tiles look supremely elegant, and they don’t come with the high price tag of natural stone.

Why not mix and match ordinary ceramic tiles to create a swish checkered pattern in colors to complement your furniture. This top trend creates a festive Mediterranean ambiance to time spent outside.


This hardy, versatile flooring material needn’t be boring. It’s an affordable solution that lasts a long time and gives you plenty of elbow room when it comes to design.

You can stain concrete to blend in with any design, mold it to mimic more expensive stone flooring, or install concrete pavers in any layout you please.

Wooden Decking

Wooden decking is one of the more expensive options, but it’s a gorgeous addition to most homes and blends in with many design styles.

You can stain your decking to match your style, and it’s easy to refurbish it if you want to create a new look.

2. Add Life to Your Outdoor Spaces

It’s all about nature when you spend time outdoors, so why look at bland, lifeless spaces? A beautifully manicured garden works as a piece of art to enhance your patio’s appearance.

You don’t need to stop there, either. Container plants add vibrancy and a natural feel to any patio, no matter how drab your surroundings are.

The Best Container Plants for Patios Anywhere

When you decide to adorn your patio with container plants, you can opt for purely decorative specimens or useful herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

According to North Carolina State University’s gardening handbook, you can harvest fruits from container plants almost year-round. As long as you cater to their need for water and fertilizer.

These are our top suggestions for container plants:

All types of herbs suit container gardening, but fragrant mint and rosemary stand out for their fly-repelling superpowers.

Is your patio a little small for impactful plant specimens? Displaying plants on a nearby fence can bring their aesthetic benefits into view without taking up any floor space.

3. Explore Unusual Patio Furniture

Why stick to a standard metal or wicker patio set when you get creative with all kinds of additions. A playful rattan swing chair is one of the most sought-after outdoor patio decor ideas lately.

How about a hammock for lazy afternoon naps or catching up on your reading, island-style.

Is a hammock balancing act challenging for you? How about an oversized ottoman with a geometric print a-la Morocco?

If you already have ordinary wicker chairs in good condition, you can add a little interest to their arrangement by inserting a petite table adorned with a pretty potted plant in between them.

Do you enjoy dining outdoors? A wrought iron dining table and chairs with a bold rug underneath it add pizzazz to any mealtime.

Top that with some colored glassware and crockery, and you’re right on trend for 2022.

On the topic of trends, sustainability is an important fad to follow in modern times. So, opt for recycled furniture if you’re buying new, browse second-hand shops for specimens, or opt for renewable bamboo items.

4. Color Your Space With Cushions

Patio furniture cushions are among the easiest items to refurbish on a budget.

Quaint gingham adds a relaxed farmyard vibe, while bright colors and patterns can breathe new life into your patio on their own.

One way to keep continuity is by picking a theme and sticking to it while decorating outdoor patio furniture. For instance, you can highlight an Americana color theme with stars and stripes in appropriate shades of red and blue.

For a fun touch, you can implement seasonal colors and patio decor to suit the time of year or commemorate a celebration, like Halloween.

Soft, colorful throws add texture to your design and also guard against cool evening breezes.

Apart from providing a dash of color, cushions also enhance the all-important comfort of your patio. After all, no one wants to spend time outside seated on hard surfaces.

5. ‘Build’ a Bar

At-home bars are all the rage nowadays thanks to almost two years of isolation. You don’t need to hire a contractor to add this element to your outdoor entertaining.

It’s easy to convert a window into a bar area by installing an awning and a shelf on the inside and outside. Now all you need is a couple of bar stools, and you’re good to go.

Another easy addition is transforming a garden bench into a bar area or equipping a wheelie cart with all your drinks essentials.

6. Practical Outdoor Patio Decor

Don’t let darkness drive you inside. There are many attractive ways to light up your patio area, so you can enjoy the outdoors well after nightfall.

Solar-powered string lights bring magical appeal to your home, while paper lanterns dazzle both day and night.

Never underestimate the impact of ornamental candles for a romantic or relaxed vibe. A hanging candle holder doubles as a centerpiece for your table arrangement as well as a source of light.

Ceiling fans are both eye-catching decorations for outdoor patio seating areas and a way to recreate natural refreshing summer breezes.

According to www.modernfanoutlet.com ceiling fans run quietly and smoothly, so they won’t detract from your outdoor ambiance.

On the contrary, when you pick a design that suits your home’s overall look, they help create a sense of uniformity between exterior and interior spaces.

Fold-up shelves are perfect for housing cooking implements or drinks.

A small brick or stone fire-pit is another charming addition to any patio that can also provide warmth and an extra cooking area for the ‘smores that are so essential for outdoor entertaining.

Consider a fold-up garden umbrella to create a chic shaded area on your patio.

7. Get Into the Zone

It’s easy to create a comprehensive outdoor space using outdoor decor for patio divisions. You can delineate outdoor dining and seating areas in several ways.

One of the easiest, quickest, cheapest ways to do this is by placing furniture back-to-back or using different colored rugs to create a distinction between your ‘rooms’.

You can also alter your patio flooring to create spaces for plantings that separate different areas from one another. Another idea is to use different types of flooring in each area to distinguish one from the other.

If you’ve got cash to splash, putting up a pergola is another way to create a separate space. These structures work well for hanging up plant baskets, whimsical curtains, or lights.

Are you extending your patio? Build the new level a little higher to create a new zone for eating or relaxing. If you already have a tall raised outdoor deck, you can create a new entertainment level underneath it, by adding some flooring, furniture, and lighting.

Do you want to blend your indoor and outdoor spaces? Mimic your living area’s color scheme and flooring on your patio.

Embrace the Great Outdoors

Spending time outdoors is vital for human health, and your swish new outdoor patio decor can also set the stage for enhanced family interactions.

In short, there’s no way a lovely patio area will detract from your life, so spend some time perfecting yours to see how it adds value to your upcoming summer.

Would you like some more great advice for improving your home and enhancing your life? Browse our blog for the best snippets on a wide range of topics.

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