7 Great Methods To Design A Patients And bathroom

Bathrooms are the most essential part of every home and everyone needs to use them too. So, people of every age use the bathroom on a daily basis. But elders and patients need special kinds of bathroom settings for them. As toilet accidents happen to patients and elders like slips and trips, injuries, and functional limitations. 

 Moreover, due to the age factor, the reduction of reflexes and muscles of elder people makes them at risk of slips and trips. Thus, making toilets elder-friendly for people with reduced mobility. 

So, installing a special type of Bathrooms Vanities is important. With that, it is important to design spacious and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms. Moreover, slip and bump resistant too. 

So, this whole guide is about a perfect design of bathrooms for patients and elders at home, public locations, hotels, and restaurants. Let’s check them out.

List Of Content:

  1. Access To Bathroom
  2. Slip Resistant Floors
  3. Feasible Doors 
  4. Convenient Toilets
  5. Grabbing Bars On Walls
  6.  Automatic Faucets
  7. Emergency Alert System
  8. Buy Bathroom Vanities
  9. Conclusion

Access To Bathroom:

First of all, it is important to design the bathroom layout. So, it is accessible to everyone from young and healthy to old and sick. Thus, sleek and clear hallways without major restrictions are important to access the bathroom. 

Also, loose objects like rugs or strong grip shoes are pivotal in avoiding accidental trips and falls from wheelchairs. In addition, for nighttime, it is a must to provide an intense light source on the bathroom way and surrounding. So, patients and elders can approach it easily and safely.

Slip Resistant Floors:

As the bathroom is a high traffic place and water use is frequent in the bathroom. So, soap, and water makes the bathroom floor so slippery. Thus, it is hard to keep the grip while walking on wet soapy bathroom floors. Therefore, it is important to install non-slippery material in bathrooms. 

All the major bathroom materials depict non-slip features such as ceramic, epoxy, rubber-floor, and cementitious boards, etc. Moreover, one great tip to make the bathroom so friendly is to add contrast colors to walls, floors, and vanity items. 

To help elders with low vision. So, they can analyze better. Moreover, you can skip rugs as they can risk tripping. And if use then makes them stick on the floor with glue. Thus, they can walk easily and never slip.

Feasible Doors:

Now, it’s the turn of doors in the bathroom. So, you must know that bathroom doors should be feasible for elders and patients too. Thus, design them in a way. To make them accessible, easily open, and close by them.

 Moreover, the knobs, and handles must be so simple to open. Avoid twisting and pushing handles and knobs. Lastly, prefer doors that are so easy to slide around.

Convenient Toilets:

Patients and elders have immobile joints and muscles. So, it is hard for them to use low to ground toilets. Thus, many prefer toilets a little more in height. To make them feasible for patients and elders to sit and stand from it. Moreover, you can wedge the already installed toilet. Thus, the preferred height must be about 46cm in height. 

Grabbing Bars On Walls:

Grab bars are the super helping element to patients. As they help greatly in critical times such as in the shower and toilet. Moreover, install accessories like grab bars and railings around the wall. Make sure to tightly screw it to the walls. 

Thus, install them around the toilet and shower. It must be install at a standard height of about 1.10 and 1.30m. In addition, if the bathroom space is large, install grab bars around the wall which leads to the toilet and shower. 

Lastly, make sure it is of rust-free material. As moisture in the bathroom can rust the metal bars. So, install aluminum and stainless steel bars.

 Automatic Faucets:

So, like all other materials, focus on faucet ease too. Thus, prefer using lever-free or auto-sensor faucets. As they are patient-friendly.

Emergency Alert System:

Despite all the safety measures, sometimes any tragic accident can happen too. So, there must be something to predict about any accident in a bathroom. Thus, doorbells, alarms, and emergency signals or alerts are important. And they all must be installed in a bathroom at home. 

So, this made the bathroom safe for patients. And they can easily report the problem through these buttons. In addition, these devices come from telecare companies. But the placement of these gadgets is crucial. So, always place them at a feasible location like on floors, around toilets, doors, and showers. 

Hence all these emergency alerts systems make the bathroom super friendly for patients and elders at home, markets, malls, and public locations.

Buy Bathroom Vanities:

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In the end, hoping that you now have got immense information about patient-friendly bathroom vanities designing. Thus, we all know bathrooms are considered high traffic zones. And there is always water and soap spread. So, this makes the bathroom space so risky and hazardous for patients and elders. 

Moreover, you can make your bathroom space super elders and patient-friendly. Just by designing a few things with care. Like slip-resistant floors, easy doors, grab bars, and emergency alerts. Lastly, follow the above instruction to mark your bathrooms safe for patients and elders.

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