5 Tips to Find a Perfect Bed Rack for Your UTE

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A roof rack or bed rack is one of the vehicle attachments that may make all the difference in terms of the organization and accessibility of your stuff when you’re going on an over landing trip. There are several rack alternatives available from various manufacturers, but regardless of the style of rack or who manufactured it, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Some of you might even wonder, what’s wrong with the factory rack that came with your car? The main problem with OEM racks is that they lack the adaptability and robustness that an aftermarket rack offers. This implies that while you may be able to transport some of your belongings on your factory rack, you may not be able to transport items such as a rooftop tent or a storage box.

There are specific points to consider when choosing the perfect bed rack for your UTE

  1. Material of the Bed Rack

When buying a bed rack, the first thing to keep in mind is its material. For choosing the best UTE bed rack, you must look for the most suitable material. It comes in either aluminum or steel. Steel bed racks and roof racks are sturdy and heavy. The steel bed rack has been around for a long time. Steel racks may also be configured in a variety of ways. They can withstand large weights and are less costly than aluminum ones.

Aluminum racks, on the other hand, are the newest trend and are lightweight. However, don’t be fooled by the aluminum bed racks’ low weight; they’re relatively strong, especially when compared to steel ones in some situations. The main disadvantage is that some purchasers may find the metal roofs and bed racks too costly. So, make your decision based on your tastes and financial constraints.

  1. Type of Bed Rack

Another important consideration when purchasing a bed rack for your utility vehicle is the kind. Like every other roof rack attachment, bed racks come in various sizes, weights, and functions. As a result, you must choose if you require a bed rack that spans the roof to support the rooftop tent or one that fits your stuff in the truck bed. 

You may then filter down your search depending on your needs and choose which bed rack is the best buy for you. Most accessories are generally found on truck racks; therefore, selecting the appropriate one is critical.

  1. Height and Size of the Bed Rack

Because the tent must be positioned appropriately, it is essential to consider the height of your bed rack. Annexes and vestibule tents are thought to be best erected at head height. It can’t be too low since you’ll have to duck every time you walk into the tent. It also shouldn’t be too high, as folding the tent would be difficult and take up a lot more room.

For your rooftop tent to fit on your bed rack, it must give excellent support and a stable foundation. The bed rack for larger tents must be robust enough to prevent your tent from being left unsupported or overhung. The usual size of a bed rack that can hold a 77 by 86″ broad tent is 56″. The 77″ range is generally the starting point for wider and bigger tents.

Installing a bed rack is a complex process. Worse still, overcrowding your rack with necessities it can’t handle is a recipe for disaster. Look for a rack with a vertical facing lip on the interior corners to simplify mounting and loading. When equally spaced, this provides a lot of support for fastening the necessities and securing the rack itself. This capability strengthens a rack while also allowing the weight to be distributed evenly and widely.

  1. Price of the Bed Rack

Next, think about the cost of the bed rack. There are several alternatives available, and you have the freedom to choose. You may spend more money if you wish to. If you’re looking to save money, you’ll almost certainly discover something that meets your requirements.

Just keep in mind that the price isn’t the only consideration. While a more costly rack may be superior, it may not be the most excellent fit for your truck. Spending typically implies getting a better product, but don’t let exceptionally low or high costs fool you. Instead, rely on the other elements to ensure that you receive a good deal.

  1. Understand Your Requirement

Learning more about your requirements is crucial. Off-road racks come in a variety of sizes and designs. As a result, you must determine what you will be transporting. Are you going to need petrol, tools, kayaks, or bicycles?

It’s critical to learn so that you can select a rack that meets your specific requirements. Some racks are excellent for transporting equipment and supplies, while others are ideal for transporting gasoline. Determine what you want to transport and select a rack that will accommodate those things.


These are the five recommendations for choosing the finest bed rack for your utility vehicle. Remember that purchasing roof rack accessories from reputable suppliers is critical to the goods’ durability. If you’re buying a bed rack online, read the reviews and ratings of past customers to get a sense of what to anticipate. Ratings may be a valuable tool for determining the quality of a company’s bed racks. Hopefully, the information provided here assists you in selecting the finest bed rack for your UTE.

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