Australia is renowned throughout the world for its pristine beaches. In fact, beaches have become an integral part of the Aussie culture and symbolise freedom and pleasure. 

While these factors might make Australian beaches alluring, we would also like to warn our readers that they should take some kind of protection against the harsh rays of the sun when they visit the sandy shores, especially during the hot summer. This is because we don’t want you to fall sick or feel exhausted. While you can always carry sunscreen and UV-protection hats, it is equally important to have some access to a shade so that you can keep cool under the sun.

The best shade option is the beach umbrella. Much like the way you laze around under a pool umbrella in the sun by your pool, a beach umbrella, too, functions in the same manner. You can spend all day in the sand under the sun if you have access to these heavy duty umbrellas. In fact, if you are visiting the beach with friends or family, a large outdoor umbrella could be your best option because it can shield you and others from the sun’s rays.

Now that you understand the necessity of umbrellas on Australian beaches, let’s help you in figuring out how you can buy the best beach umbrella. The primary purpose of a heavy duty outdoor umbrella is to shelter you from the harmful rays of the sun but you also need to know various other factors that impact the way a beach umbrella functions. Keep reading to learn about these aspects so that you can make an informed decision:

  1. Portable: When you plan a weekend trip to the beach, you often tend to ditch umbrellas because they are heavy and difficult to carry around. This is why it’s important to buy an umbrella that is portable, much like a pool umbrella. 
  1. Windy conditions: It often gets windy on beaches across the world. Australian shores aren’t any different. So we must advise you to pack your umbrellas if the wind speed increases. This is because even the strongest heavy duty umbrellas could blow away against high winds. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop enjoying yourself on the beach. A gentle breeze might not topple your umbrella. So look for an umbrella that is wind-resistant and can be weighed down by sandbags, etc.
  2. Mechanism: The sun keeps changing its position in the sky. When you plan to spend your entire day on the beach, you should keep in mind that you need a heavy duty outdoor umbrella that gives you the right amount of coverage regardless of the sun’s position. So you must look for a locking push button tilt feature in an umbrella. The tilt function will help you adjust the umbrella left and right, forward and backward, according to the sun’s position.

Another thing you must consider is the ease of opening and closing the umbrella. The opening shouldn’t be a complicated process, while you should be easily able to contract the umbrella when it’s time to pack up.

  1. Anchor and base: Unlike a pool umbrella, which you can mount on the floor, sand on the beaches could prove to be tricky when you want to secure your umbrella. So you might want to use a heavy-duty sand anchor, water weights, or metal weights to secure your umbrella and keep it upright all day long. The quality of the anchor could also determine how wind-resistant your umbrella is. For example, an umbrella with a sandbag anchor is a decent choice for beaches. It requires no digging as you rely on the weighted bag to keep the umbrella secure.

However, some umbrellas require you to buy an anchor system separately. This also means that you need to carry it separately. So you must double-check before purchasing the umbrella.

  1. Durability: While you need to factor in issues such as high winds, protection from the sun’s harmful rays, and portability, you must not compromise on the umbrella’s quality. Buying good quality products generally comes with the assurance that they will be durable and will last long. The durability of an umbrella mainly depends on the quality of the fabric and frame that it is made of. So you must choose wisely. 


After going through this post, we are now certain that you won’t forget to pack your brand-new umbrella along with your beach towels, well-stocked cooler, and comfortable beach chairs. After all, a sizeable umbrella might seem a bit difficult to carry but then nobody wants to be the person stuck in the sun all day long. However, we must warn you that even though you might buy a portable, strong, and durable umbrella, you might still have to take special care in securing the products and making them stable on the sandy beaches. So we would suggest that you look at the features of an umbrella carefully and pick the ones that suit your needs. These days, manufacturers also provide you with options where you can customise your umbrella. So you can browse through various sections on their website and choose accordingly.

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