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5 Simple Tips by Home Designers on Using Minimalism Like a Pro

Clean shapes, uncluttered spaces, monochromatic aesthetic, and the ‘less in more’ concept are a few things that immediately come to mind when we think about the minimalist décor trend. But is minimalism just limited to these things? Not really.

Minimalism is an art of living with the bare minimum that allows people to appreciate the smaller things in life. With this lifestyle, people experience a freer, less complicated life that is perfectly suited for the fast-paced corporate culture.

The idea behind minimalist interior design is that it allows you to come home to a de-cluttered, peaceful environment that makes it possible to unwind after a long day of work. The characteristic trait of minimalist home décor is that it promotes a calming vibe and encourages relaxation.

If you wish to bring this minimalist vibe to your space, we’ve got five simple tips from the best home designers that will help you get going.

# 1 Declutter First

The first thing that every modern interior designer swears by while designing a minimal home is decluttering. Getting rid of unnecessary things from your room makes it look bigger and more spacious. It gives it more breathing space and prevents it from looking crowded and busy.

This is why, if you wish to give your house a minimal makeover, the first thing to do is get rid of all the extra things in your space. Think about what adds value to your life and if there’s something that doesn’t, it’s time to say good-bye to it.

# 2 Muted Colours (but add a kick)

Reputed home designers are of the view that minimal home décor doesn’t need to be cold and unwelcoming. So, you don’t necessarily have to stick to a muted colour palette and make your room look all vanilla. Accent colours are a big part of minimalist home décor and they can be added to your space to bring more character and interest.

Tones like ink blue, turquoise, and mint, are quite in-trend right now and can be used to introduce a pop of colour to your room.

# 3 Sleek Furniture Does the Job

Minimal home design is all about conserving open space in your rooms. This is why, home designers recommend sleek, clean furniture for minimal homes. Whether you’re doing up your living room or your bedroom, it’s always a good idea to opt for clear pieces of furniture that don’t consume your entire floor space and leave some breathing room.

Multi-purpose furniture pieces like stools that double-up as storage are also very popular in minimal homes.

# 4 Give it Your Personal Touch

Minimal interior design doesn’t lack personality. This means that you’re free to give it your own touch in whichever way you want. According to home designers, the only rule of thumb is to not go overboard. Whether it’s art or photographs, minimal décor has enough room for personalization.

Dot a few frames on the walls or opt for aesthetic artifacts. But whatever you do, keep the amount of space you have in mind.

Minimalism is a lifestyle that stems from the belief that when we live a clutter-free, organized, and simple life, we tend to experience less stress and anxiety. Perhaps, this is why, minimalism is gaining popularity and becoming people’s preferred way of life to counter the negative effects of the corporate culture and the fast pace of professional environments. Minimal room designers are of the view that if you come back home to a minimal, clutter-free space. You can relax better, rejuvenate more peacefully, and clear your head to disconnect in a more soothing way.

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