5 Reasons Your Company Needs an Employee Tracking System

Introduction: Why You Need an Employee Tracking HQ Software?

With the right software, you can gain control of your company data and use it to make better decisions. You can finally cut down on lost time, increase efficiency and improve employee morale.

These are some of the benefits that an HR manager or a business owner will get from an employee tracking system software:

– You can reduce manpower costs by more than 50%

– You will be able to respond faster to unplanned absence requests

– Employee satisfaction will increase since they know you care about them

1. Lost Time Monitoring with Data Importing Functionality

Data importing is a new feature that allows you to automatically import the company’s data into TimeCamp for an easier monitoring. It is very useful when multiple people are monitoring the time of their employees.

TimeCamp provides a data importing functionality that can be especially beneficial for companies with more than one person who monitors time, as it eliminates the need to manually enter data into the system.

The Data Importing feature can be used in many different scenarios, including:

– Automatically import company data from other systems, such as payroll provider or accounting system, so no other manual actions are required. – Importing the weekly hours of two or more employees at once to calculate their total working hours and generate reports. – Loading customer information from other software so it’s already

2. Employee Onboarding Process Automation

The process of onboarding new employees is often tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. However, with some automation solutions on hand, it can be made easier.

Some on boarding process automation software are task-oriented tools that allow managers to assign relevant tasks to new employees as they are onboarded. These tools can identify what the employee needs to do in order to start working for the company and notify them about it. This way, they will know exactly what their responsibilities are.

While some tools assist in assigning tasks and tracking progress by providing reports of weekly or monthly activities performed by the employees. These reports help managers understand who is doing well or not so well in their designated roles or departments so that they can take timely action if needed.

 3. Timesheet Reporting and Timesheet Management

Timesheet reports are used to track time entries or other work-related data. The data is then analyzed for patterns to understand how the project is progressing.

The problem with creating a timesheet report manually, is that it can take a lot of time and effort. This is where the timesheet management tool comes in handy. These tools are designed to make it easier for project managers or supervisors to create, update, and analyze the timesheet reports.

 4. Automated Payroll for Quick & Accurate Payments to Employees

With payroll automation software, you can manage your employees’ salaries easily. This software helps in creating paychecks, calculating taxes and deductions, distributing the paychecks to employees in their bank accounts or mailing them to their home address. All this is done automatically so there is no need for manual intervention. There are multiple benefits of using this software.

Reduce administrative work – With automated payroll software, you can calculate taxes and deductions automatically. You can also create paychecks with few clicks without any hassle of manually entering data into the system.

Save time – The whole process of generating paychecks & distributing them can be completed within few hours which saves a lot of time that an employee would have spent on it otherwise or if they did it manually. This helps in releasing time for other administrative tasks

 5. Streamlined Document Management System for Paperless Office Organization

Document management systems are the key to faster and smoother workflow. A paperless office can be achieved by designing an office organization app that is easy to use and functional. The design should be simple so it is not confusing for users.

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