5 Reasons You Should Switch to Child-Proof Packaging

Many household cleaners, medications, food items, etc., are not safe for children, which is why companies use child-proof packaging. The packaging is necessary for keeping children safe and managing the items inside.

Child-proof packaging can come in a variety of designs, from printed stand up pouches to twist-top pill bottles. While there are many reasons to consider making your packaging child-proof or resistant, it is first necessary to understand what such packaging is and its potential benefits to the consumer and the manufacturer or business.

What Makes Packaging ‘Child-Proof’

Whether designed as bottles or recyclable flexible pouches, there are several characteristics that make packaging child-proof. One of the primary ways of creating child-resistant packaging is to focus on dexterity. Most children will not develop their fine motor skills until about eight years old. Additionally, packages with fewer visual cues or designs can help detract from toddler interest. Finally, packages can make the opening mechanism larger and more challenging for small hands.

Essentially, child-proof packaging protects the contents of the package from child access. These packages should be challenging to open and steer clear of easy pictorial instructions.

However, even when a package is child-proof or resistant, parents should make it a point to keep potentially dangerous or hazardous out of reach or behind locked doors. If the most secure packaging is likely not resistant to all children.

Our pouches are produced using the best light-weight materials and are well suited for the packaging of food products within the regulations and safety standards.

Benefits of Child-Proof Packaging

The key benefit of child-resistant packaging is safety. Manufacturers can feel confident they have done everything in their power to protect the families who use their products. Parents can feel confident that properly stored items cannot be opened by their small children.

An additional benefit of child-resistant packaging for businesses is increased profits. Parents are more trusting of companies that put safety above all else. Additionally, distributors might be more willing to work with a company with high safety standards than one without.

Finally, with the variety of designs and styles currently available in child-proof packaging, including packaging, businesses can potentially save money on transportation and manufacturing costs. Pouches, for instance, take up less room than boxes or other rigid containers, meaning larger shipments can be delivered in a single truckload.

Reasons To Use Child-Proof Packaging

Many companies will not opt for child-proof packaging because they believe it is more expensive than other packaging methods. While some options are more costly, child-proof packaging has many benefits that other materials and options do not. The main reasons to use child-resistant packaging include:

  1. Safety
  2. Peace of mind
  3. Versatility
  4. Storage options
  5. Locking mechanisms

For most businesses, packaging is about selecting the option with the most advertising space at the lowest price. However, it is vital that companies do not skimp when it comes to safety. Cleaning products, OTC medications, and certain foods and beverages can be dangerous, if not deadly, if a child ingests them. While profits always matter, they do not matter more than life. Contact a local packaging expert to discuss child-proofing options for your products.

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