5 Footballers Who Never Trained

Football is a game that tests the endurance and stamina of a player, and the same is built up through regular and rigorous exercise. Football training is the best way of fitness, and every club wants their player to be fit. But there are some exceptional players who are fit without going through the training; it isn’t surprising! This article is completely focused on such football players who were never trained and based on the data provided by Sbobet.

The List of 5 Footballers Who Never Believed In Training

The training and football skills are the replicas, as the former increases the body stamina, speed, and others. However, the latter, i.e., football skills involving tactics, analysis, and others, are also important. Some of the players are born with amazing skills, and they overshadow the training intending to focus more on the skills, and they did well in the game. Now, let’s see such footballers who never went for training.


A Brazilian striker player is at the top of the chart, which didn’t go for the training. He is gifted with amazing technical skills, and with the same, he bagged many awards and assisted his club in winning many trophies. Romario was a master in the penalty areas as his speed was outstanding, which helped him quickly bypass the defenders.

In his entire career, he amazed the football management with his skills, and his achievement tells that training is not that important. Romario was also recognized as the best footballer of all time, and he is the one to receive many awards, such as ‘Golden Ball’ in the 1994 FIFA World Cup, FIFA World Player of the Year, and others. More interestingly, he was also on the list of FIFA 100 players. The list of the awards speaks about this legend that his statement regarding the training was absolutely true.

In one incident, Romario asked his coach to take off from the training as he wanted to attend Brazil Carnival, and the coach replied, ‘If you score two goals in the next match, then I will give you two days additional holiday.’ Well, in the next match, Romario scored the second goal in the 20 minutes of the match. That isn’t surprising! Yes, he did it, and after that, he moved to Brazil to attend the carnival.

At present, Romario is a Brazilian Politician, and he reached this height just because of his amazing football skills, as this sport gave him fame. His priority to the technical aspect was more compared to training, and he proved the same through his achievements.

Gary Lineker

The best English striker who won the most prestigious awards in the debut match, i.e., ‘FWA Footballer of the Year’, is Gary Lineker. He is a player who never believed in training, and mostly he skips the training session and directly joins the match.

Gary also played with the England National Team, and with his outstanding performance, he came third in the list of highest scorers. Furthermore, his performance can be examined in the 1986 FIFA World Cup, where he scored six goals and thus received the ‘Golden Boot Award.’ Gary was the only English to receive such an award (at that time); later on, Harry Kane joined the list.

Gary Lineker was best in the football tactics, and he proved the same in the game. Additionally, with his outstanding gaming skill, he came to the list of players who never booked for red/yellow cards.

Matt Le Tissier

The former English footballer who set up many records as an attacking midfielder. Matt played for Southampton and was the first player on the list to reach 100 goal scorers club in Premier League. Matt was a player with excellent technical skills, and he never believed in the training session; despite that, he retained the ‘PFA Young Player of the Year award,’ and also, he was the master of a penalty shootout.

Matt has proved that excellence has its own value, and his achievements justify his statement. He is one of the greatest midfielders attacking players and the best to play at the 12-yard position.

Mick Channon

Mick is also one of the great footballers who never get trained; his outstanding gaming techniques not only made him popular but also gave recognition to Southampton in English’s First Division as he was the leading goal scorer of that club.

Mick Channon’s move to England National Team was not so much successful, and in the entire duration, he made 46 appearances and scored only 21 goals. Undoubtedly, Mick was a fantastic player, but his luck didn’t support him, and finally, he took retirement from football.

In an interview with Telegraph, Mick confessed that he never liked the training and further stated that training is a boring activity.

Teddy Sheringham

Teddy Sheringham, an English forward and a second striker, is also on the list of the players who never prefer training sessions. Sheringham came into the limelight during UEFA Championship League Final (1999) match between Manchester United and Bayern Munich; in this match, he played amazingly and scored the goal to make his club win. The player’s effort was highly applauded because he scored at that moment when he was injured.

In the domestic matches, he gave the utmost performance too and bagged several awards, including ‘FWA Footballer of the Year.’ The achievement of Teddy Sheringham shows that technical skills are very much important. However, he never objected to the training sessions but never agreed to be a part of the session.

Bottom Line

In a football game, training and technical skills are important, as the former gives the speed and boost dribbling skill, and later gives the technique to analyze the game. The above-listed players are the exceptions that they managed with only technical skills and never preferred the training. But in the current scenario, both are equally important in the game.

The training session boosts the player’s performance as the stamina increases, and also, the player gets control over the ball movement. The session just enhances the player’s football skills, so every club asks the players to go with the training sessions before the match.


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