5 Beer Trends to Watch in 2022

Beer has been around for centuries. In fact, it’s one of the oldest drinks ever made by humans: we can trace the first production of barley beer back to 4,000 B.C. 

This drink, which is the third most consumed drink after water and tea, has gone through a lot of changes to stick around all these years. But it has adapted to the times, and it will continue to do so. Read our guide for five beer trends to watch as we head into 2022.

1. Alcohol Content Preferences

You might expect that, especially with the stress of the pandemic, beers with higher alcohol by volume (ABV) would become more popular. And they have: sales for high-alcohol beers with an ABV of 6 or 7 percent have stayed steady.

But low-alcohol beer, or even beer that is completely non-alcoholic, has also gained popularity. 

Some attribute this trend to an increase in health consciousness. The group of the population that is now buying the most beer also tends to be the most concerned with their own wellness. They’re opting for beers with a low ABV to take care of their bodies and hopefully avoid a hangover the next morning.

The introduction of more craft techniques to the making of these beers has also contributed to their popularity, helping to increase flavor and quality.

2. Lite Beers Are Losing Ground

Popular American lite beers like Miller Lite, Coors Lite, or Bud Lite are becoming less popular. Sales are dropping for these sorts of beers, which is remarkable since they tend to be one of the largest categories of beer sales in the industry.

This trend might point to the fact that restaurants and bars are opting for a larger variety of beer options.

3. A Surge in Sour Flavors

Hard seltzers are making an impact on the beer industry as well, and not just by taking up a spot on the menu. Some of their flavor trends are slipping into the beer industry.

Just as citrus flavors are popular when it comes to hard seltzer, sour beers are popping up more and more. It seems like there’s a growing preference from consumers for these sorts of flavor profiles. 

4. IPAs Are Dropping in Popularity

Even though many experts with experience in craft brewing and milling equipment might say that IPAs as a whole are still the ruling category of beer, other types are becoming more popular. 

Lagers, for example, are gaining an advantage. Many people think of them as clean and approachable, and that makes them desirable. 

5. An Influx of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing itself isn’t new, but the intersection with beer is a new take on the advertising strategy. Now, regular people who can gain a following on social media and who might have a passion for beer are using their platform to promote their favorites. 

This has been especially advantageous for craft brewing establishments. With the rising popularity of social media, they can create communities on these platforms to advertise their specific, quality products.

Beer Trends Are Always Changing

These might be the beer trends to keep an eye on in 2022, but one thing is for sure: the beer industry will always be trying something new. It certainly won’t be going away though!

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