4 Things To Be in Style With Your Jeans

Miners have been wearing humble jeans since their invention in 1871. They have been the symbol of the working class since then and associated with the blue collared job. The jeans stood the test of time and became the most treasured possession. However, durability is not the only appeal of the humble pants; style is also one of their most distinguished traits. 

Like the person who wears them, jeans will develop characters and attitudes over time when the color fades, and the fabric gets distressed. If you are to be stylish with your jeans, here are the things you need to consider.


Jeans can be paired with any top, from simple white t-shirt, knitted shirts to long-sleeved buttoned shirts. You have a wide variety of layering from jackets, denim jeans, leather to vest and cardigans. Though frowned upon on formal occasions, jeans are a versatile pair with any tops in your wardrobe for casual parties. Here are some options you may consider when choosing a top to match:

  • Ruffles add volume and put the attention where it is; closer to your body will focus on your curves, on the arms will make you look thinner than you are.
  • Sleeves will hide uneven skin tone or add volume if loose, showing your arms when fitted. The absence of sleeves shows your fair skin and also keeps you cool in the summer.
  • Patterns or solid colors are also great to experiment with; patterns may show your curves or make you look thin. Animal prints and polka dots are also fun to wear in season. Just like light-colored and dark-colored clothes are the same. Whatever you choose, the fabric must feel comfortable and show your assets.

So whether it is sleeved, sleeveless, off-shoulder or turtleneck, jeans can be matched with any top as long as it is casual.

Your Figure

The jeans are as good as the one who wears them, so they must fit your body type. Here are some examples:

  • Apple Shaped

In this body shape, you have to create an illusion of curves and wear something that focuses on your bust or your legs. Avoid any high waist jeans or low rise ones that will focus on your stomach area.

  • Pear Shaped

Most women have this body shape; you need to show length by wearing bootcut style jeans and those that sit just below the waist. It would help if you can shift the focus on your bum to your curves.

  • Hourglass Shape

In this classic sexy body shape, you can wear skinny jeans, low rise, or bootcut jeans, which hug your figure. Also, dark-colored jeans are classy and stunning with this body type. Avoid baggy jeans since they will make you look heavy.

  • Strawberry Shape

In this classic sexy body shape, you can wear skinny jeans, low rise, or bootcut jeans, which hug your figure. Dark-colored jeans are also classy and stunning with this body type. Stay away from baggy jeans since they will make your size look bigger.

  • Banana Shape

This body type is endowed with long slim legs, is more of a modelesque physique. However, the lack of a figure makes it easy to adapt to any style, which may work against you. Focus on adding curves with ruffles and anything that would add volume on the right areas. Stay away from any baggy or boyfriend jeans since this will make you look tomboyish and immature. Keep your style as feminine as possible.

Your body type determines the best fashion styles for you. Whatever your body type is, you can take advantage of the options you have, or go against the crowd and be yourself. What makes you look good must also feel good for you.


Accessories add a little style to the look you want to achieve. It can be anything: jewelry, eyewear or headwears, depending on the weather. You can experiment and be playful on this. Button pins, suspenders, and belts are also excellent to add more personality and style.

Hats and other headgear give shade or warmth, while prescription eyewear or shades just for style is an excellent addition to your style.

Accessories also show your creativity and what you feel. Don’t hesitate to express yourself with beads, fancy stones, and precious metals. Remember that less is more, so don’t overdo it. A simple chain necklace, bracelets, earrings, and rings are flare but not so flashy. 


Footwear is also essential. You don’t simply go barefoot, but that’s an option for nature lovers. While for us in the concrete jungle, footwear is necessary to protect our feet. Flats, boots, both high cut and low cut, sneakers, rubber shoes, leather shoes, and heels if you feel sassy.

Comfort is also a factor, so wear according to the weather to stay cozy. Jeans come with a casual style, so formality is secondary. You can wear sandals, or even flip-flops, as long as the jeans are not dragging on the ground, collecting dirt and damaging the pair.

In Style with Your Jeans

The key to staying in style with your jeans is knowing your options, your body type, the tops, accessories, and shoes to pair with. These are some of the elements to think about if you want to look good in your jeans. All it takes is knowing what to match with what type of jeans.

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