4 Professionals That Should Be Apart of a Trusted Drug Rehab Center

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When you decide to enroll in a drug rehab center in Houston, you probably know little of what to expect. Every rehabilitation center advertises its program as the best of the best, which might leave you confused on which one is good for you. However, rehab facilities have a legal requirement to hire qualified professionals.

If you are not a medical expert, you should be careful when choosing the best rehab. Check out the kind of health workers that will be treating you, have confidence that the staff has received relevant training to treat people well. Here are four professionals that should be a part of a trusted drug rehab center.

Primary Care Physician

A physician is responsible for diagnosing and treating an addiction problem before referring it to a specialist. An experienced physician is a primary key to ensuring a patient accepts treatment if they do not act judgmental when dealing with a patient.

Patients with substance abuse problems in a drug rehab center in Houston can be challenging to treat. Still, when a physician helps a victim to return to normal functioning and live a productive life, it can be a rewarding experience. However, the physician must be familiar with substance abuse signs and symptoms to diagnose and lead to successful treatment.

Substance Abuse Nurses

Nurses play a vital role in a drug rehab center; first, they monitor inpatient and outpatient progress, helping them adjust to life without drugs, and advising them on keeping sober after leaving the rehab. They also help patients with withdrawal symptoms by administering treatment that eases their pain and helps them focus on breaking the addiction.

In Houston, drug rehab centers employ substance abuse nurses qualified in general and mental health care. They understand the mental side of addiction and the issues of trying to overcome addiction, for example, anxiety and depression. Therefore, they can help the patient avoid chances of relapse.

Substance Abuse Counselors

Substance abuse counselors are essential staff in a trusted rehab center. Their role is to conduct a general assessment and offer unbiased support throughout the treatment program. They also provide one-on-one sessions to get to the root cause of the addiction.

The primary purpose of substance abuse counselors is to help the patients learn to get and stay sober, however, a successful substance abuse counselor must have qualities like compassion, patience, understanding, and sensitivity.

Licensed Addiction Treatment Professionals

You should expect to meet several addiction treatment professionals in a drug rehab center in Houston. The law requires each addiction professional to be licensed to protect the patients. An example of a licensed addiction treatment professional is the interventionist, whose primary duty is to persuade patients to accept treatment.

A life coach is another addiction treatment professional whose responsibility is to help patients get their lives back on track. A life coach might not need a license, but certification is essential.

To Sum It Up

Seeking medical intervention for an addiction problem is a bold decision; however, finding the best treatment is vital for a lasting solution. Always consider an accredited rehabilitation center that offers quality services.

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