4 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Event Stage Hire

With the festival season upon us, it is common to host as well as attend live events and concerts so that the bonhomie and high spirits of the year-end are highlighted and remembered for ages. For this to happen, your best bet lies with hiring a company to stage the event. They have the necessary manpower, skills, and knowledge to cover your gig expertly.

However, be cautioned. There are some things to consider before going for event stage hire. For every festival, the stage is the center and highlight. Before you jump into audio-visual equipment hire or mobile stage hire, take a look at your planning calendar and consider various quotes for your portable stage. 

What Are The Factors That Can Affect The Cost Of Stage Hire For Events?

There are lots of things that come into play when you are trying to budget your expenses for that one-off but a crucial musical event that would make the year worth remembering. For this, you will need to have a rough estimate of the cost of hiring the mobile stage so that the rest of the events can fit into your budget.

Here are 4 factors that will affect the cost of an event stage hire: 

1.     Customisation, Branding, And Technology: 

With these factors coming into account, your cost will increase with the level of sophistication. If you have the money to spare, you can go for PA hires, Projector hires,  video wall hires as well as an advanced set of microphones for hire.

At the rate that audiovisual technology is progressing, it would be difficult if not impossible for you to source and hire the required materials, equipment and men, if you do not go through a leading event stage hire company in Australia.

If you are looking for deep bass, and crystal clear tones, along with visuals that have a high quality, you can go for the latest technology and customisation. As for branding, if you are being sponsored by a brand in Australia, you can go all out as they will take care of the funding and you do not have to worry about the cost of hiring a mobile stage with the works. 

2.     Location And Time Of Day: 

When you are renting a mobile stage for a festival, the event duration, as well as your physical distance from the stage, will have a bearing on the cost of hiring a stage for a festival. The cost of the stage is directly proportional to the amount of time you hire it. If your event is going to see a lot of bands as well as some contests for free gifts (just an example), the show may run into 3-4 hours, potentially having a lot of bearing on what you have to pay at the end of the stage hire.

Also, if you are going for a one-day event, and for this, your cost will be more if the stage rental company has to travel out of bounds to keep your commitment. Go for a local event stage management company to reduce your costs. Assembling and dismantling time will also be taken out from your chunk of the allotted time, so be forewarned. 

3.     The Design Of The Stage: 

Gone are the days when a mobile stage for a musical or other event had curtains as a backdrop with crudely painted props to help the actors come to life. Now, there are loads of designs that are relevant to the theme for your show, with bigger designs usually costing more.

Again, you may find that you are to pay more for an indoor event compared to an outdoor one. This is because the indoor event stage will have chairs and tables, as well as lighting equipment and other assorted things that will swell your spending cost. If you want your stage event to be perfect, factor in these considerations in your budget well before the event takes place.

Again, there is a difference in stage size- for choirs, orchestras, or plays you will need a big and wide stage, but for a rock band, you may go for a smaller stage. Did you know that a portable stage for hire can be as big as 80 sq feet? So if you are having a troupe of ballet dancers, for example, ask them how much space they need and go accordingly. 

4.     The Size Of The Crowd: 

In a survey conducted in Australia over 5 years ago, music festivals were ranked the first in terms of popularity. What this essentially means is that the bigger and more famous the band, the larger will be the crowds who attend.

Before you actually select the venue for the event, please go about the area to see if there are any obstructions to your view, for example trees, or buildings. While you cannot raze them to the ground, you can shift the location so that large numbers of people get an unhindered and unobstructed view of the stage. There will be options for you to increase the stage height with platforms, another small trick to gain views.

Alternatively, putting different sized platforms together can also constitute stages for more than one simultaneous performance. The reason why the size of the crowd increases your staging costs is that you have to take into account several small or one large stage, the transport cost of the equipment to the location, as well as more time for setting up the mobile stage.

If you want a safe experience for fans of famous groups in the country, consider setting up crowd barriers to prevent crushing and stampeding. It may cost you a few more dollars, but you can be reassured that you have taken all possible measures for safety. 

Event stage hires should be carried out with proper planning and coordination with the staging company. This will help to keep collateral costs to a minimum as well as ensure that you have a successful event that will be the talk of the town for some time to come.

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