4 Business Security Measures You Should Implement Today

With all the talk about cybersecurity these days, physical security has often been overlooked by businesses. You can keep your company safe online but then still end up having a thief steal from your physical location.

That’s why the physical security industry is still growing. In fact, it’s expected to grow to a value of $292.4 billion by 2025.

You can’t take physical security measures lightly if you have a physical location for your business. Keep reading to learn four security measures that are worth implementing for your company.

1. Use Security Cameras

Unmonitored properties are the perfect location for burglaries to happen. There’s a much lower chance of getting caught on camera at these locations. That’s why people scout businesses beforehand to look for cameras.

Even the appearance of surveillance can deter many people from causing problems at your business. Put cameras in prominent locations to ensure every corner of your store gets coverage. When you get your cameras online, you can use them to identify issues if they happen to increase the chance of getting your products or money back.

2. Use Access Control

The chances are good that there are parts of your building that not everyone needs access to. Whether it’s a server room or a secure location to store cash, leaving these areas unsecured is risky.

Set up access control for these areas to ensure unauthorized people stay out. You can use keypads and give out access codes or create keycards for people to swipe at the door.

3. Train Your Team

It’s hard to have a security-focused business when you have employees who don’t take it seriously. You count on them to do things right. Even if you have a great security system, that isn’t relevant if your employees introduce security problems.

You need to train your team to do things right if you want to keep a secure business. Come up with a training system and ensure every member of your team takes part in that training. This training should come with a set of procedures that all employees need to follow, for example they need to know how to set up DMARC for secure email communication.

4. Hire a Security Team

A simple office may not need a security team to keep things safe on the property. However, things aren’t as simple if you operate a more prominent location or a retail store.

A security company like can provide resources to help secure your location. They’ll develop a plan to get coverage in all property locations and provide the personnel needed for maximum security.

Of course, you may not need a full security team if you have a small location. However, you can still use a security company to perform an audit and take action on the company’s recommendations.

There Are More Physical Security Measures You Can Take

You can’t be too careful when it comes to business security. There are many threats out there, and not all of them come from the internet. Keep taking measures to improve your company’s physical security measures to ensure your company and customers are safe when in the building.

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