3 Uses of an Industrial Shredder

In 2020, the global industrial shredder market was worth $845.6 million.

With such a large market you would think that more people would be aware of the many uses of an industrial shredder. But unless you already work directly with this equipment you may not know of its uses.

By not knowing about these machines you could be missing out on making your business more efficient, protecting your equipment, and helping the environment. It’s worth the time to learn about some of the different ways you could be using industrial shredders.

In this post, we’ll go over 3 of the most common uses of an industrial shredder.

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1. Handle Medical Waste

Hospitals and other medical institutions use industrial shredders to help deal with hazardous medical waste. They help to sterilize and break down this waste so that it doesn’t present a danger anymore. Some of the things these shredders can process are:

Incineration isn’t an option for these materials because they give off toxic gasses when burned. That would put the people, animals, and environment near the incinerator at risk.

Instead, the materials are sterilized and shredded into tiny pieces which are then safe for disposal, or sometimes for recycling

This is also helpful in staying compliant with HIPPA regulations by protecting and destroying patients’ sensitive information.

2. Protect Pumps and Equipment

Industrial shredders can also be used to chop or grind up waste in order to protect your pumps and equipment. This helps to avoid clogs in pipes or large debris causing expensive damage to fragile equipment.

An industrial shredder machine like the super shredder can chop or grind solids so they can then be processed further down the system. These are materials such as:

This is great for waste-to-energy businesses as they can destroy a lot of harsh products and can shred through materials that are small or large and hard or soft. After shredding it can go safely through the system and work to produce energy.

3. Recycling

A heavy-duty industrial shredder is capable of shredding through large plastic items like storage drums, pipes, and even car bumpers, making them great for recycling.

These machines shred these materials up to reduce them to a smaller consistency. Once they’re small enough, they can be collected then washed, treated, and granulated so they can go on to recycling.

Shredders are also capable of shredding tires and preparing them to be recycled. Depending on what state or region you’re in there are different regulations for size requirements for recycling. A shredder can help you meet those requirements.

These machines are even capable of shredding metal and wood.

What Can An Industrial Shredder Do For You?

From shredding whole cars to destroying medical waste an industrial shredder is a powerful piece of equipment. By making sure your business has the best industrial shredder that fits your needs, you can be sure you’re operating efficiently and safely.

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