3 Major Reasons You Should Start Your Own Live Podcast

Podcasting has grown immensely as a form of entertainment and employment. Studies show that around 37% of adults enjoy an audio or video podcast daily. With so many people taking part in the growing field, you may want to start your own live podcast.

If you’ve been looking into starting a podcast, we’re here to help. Here are three of the greatest reasons why you should start producing a podcast.

1. Potential Profit

One of the most common reasons that people begin podcasting is simply profit. Podcasting has become a valid career in the last few decades. Many equate podcasters to radio presenters from the years when radio was the main way to consume media.

Much of this money comes from sponsorships and advertisements. It’s common for podcasters to announce a sponsor during their podcast or to give a brief ad read.

Another avenue to profit comes from having a community of fans. Many podcasters will have some sort of product, whether it be a personal project or merchandise of the podcast itself. Some podcasters have become authors, musicians, or other such artists and had their fans as a group ready to purchase their new product.

2. Grow a Community

Speaking of a community, this can be one of the greatest benefits of podcasting as well. Most podcasters end up creating some form of an online community with their fanbase. This could be a forum, social media group, Discord, or even just an email list.

Having a community provides a great amount of support and enjoyment for you as a live podcaster. It also helps to give security to have a community that will help support you. If you decide to broaden your horizons past live podcast production, your community will likely enjoy your new direction.

Building a community is one of the most fulfilling things about starting a podcast. You’re certain to enjoy producing a podcast as you watch your community grow and flourish around you.

3. Easy Enjoyment

If you’re looking into how to produce a podcast, you likely have a topic in mind. Whatever you’re deciding to start a podcast on is almost undoubtedly a passion and interest of yours. Many podcast companies began with a topic or message that the podcaster wanted to share and grew immensely.

Podcasting will help you do what you love without a great amount of hassle. Depending on how in-depth you dive, podcasting can be as easy as recording yourself and publishing it. While editing, marketing, and other tasks might become important later on, podcasting in its purest form is something that you can enjoy without dedicating a great amount of time to it. Visit https://melonapp.com/how-to-start-a-podcast/ to learn how to start a podcast.

Enjoying a Live Podcast

Starting a live podcast can be one of the most enjoyable and enriching choices you’ll make. Producing a podcast may become a viable career choice or simply a fun hobby that you can build in your spare time. Whatever your goals in starting a podcast, you’re stepping into a wonderful world of entertainment.

If you have more questions about live podcast producing, feel free to contact us. You can also browse our site for more information on how to start a podcast.


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