3 Locations Battery Electric Vehicle Stations Can Be Installed

Car models have come a long way since the invention of vehicles. From gas powered to diesel powered and now to battery powered vehicles. The idea is quite genius. It is a great way to actually save on gas, especially in these days where the inflation of gas prices have sky-rocketed. Battery electric cars have really been a hot commodity in big cities where people are commuting and trying to save money on gas or diesel. They are being used more and more in rural areas just as they have been in bigger cities. That being said, there are not many places  that provide the specific charging stations for these battery electric cars. Here are 3 common locations that these stations can be installed: retail shopping centers, gas stations, and residential locations.

Retail Shopping Centers

With these battery electric vehicles on the rise in rural areas, that means there is a need for more and more charging stations in multiple locations. These cars are really great for the environment. If more people are going to be able to benefit from using these BEVs then there must be a way to charge them while out and about. A really beneficial location for charging stations to be installed would be retail shopping centers. In order for everyone to benefit from these environmentally friendly cars then there needs to be a better way for them to be utilized. 

Gas Stations

Similarly to shopping centers, we would greatly benefit from it if there were more charging stations installed at more gas stations in these rural areas around the country. Some benefits to adding these stations can include; attract and retain high-quality employees and customers, gain tax advantages, contribute to an improvement in air quality, make a statement to employees about company values, and a future-friendly environment. This goes for gas stations as well as retail shopping centers. 

Residential Locations

It is wise, if you are going to be purchasing a battery electric vehicle then you would likely need to have a charging station installed at your home where the car will spend time needing to charge. It is more expensive to charge it at a charging location that is public rather than charging it at home. It does cost money to charge it at any point, but is definitely more worth the effort to have a charging station installed at your residence to avoid the higher cost. At home, on average, it would cost 12 cents per kWh. On average in general it costs about 30-60 cents to charge a small car fully. Therefore, that would mean that it could cost about $11.50-$23 to fully charge. Costs go up from there depending on the size of the vehicle. 

Idaho Falls Electricians

Idaho Falls Arco Electric is a great place to start if you are interested in getting a charging station installed at your retail shopping center, gas station, or residential location. They have amazing quality professionals with lots of experience. 

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