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12 Two Colour Combinations of Wardrobe Design For Your Room

Planning a wardrobe for your favourite room? You do not have to hang on to one colour for your wardrobes. Make a splash by mix-matching two colours so that your wardrobe becomes your precious thing to look at in your room. Here we have some bright, balanced, outstanding, and vibrant two colour combinations for wardrobe design that will help you out in your dilemma. Let’s check them out at a glance!

  1. Green and White
  2. Grey and White
  3. Yellow and Mute Hues
  4. Blue and White
  5. Sky Blue and Green
  6. Dark Brown and Cream
  7. Teal and White
  8. Brown and White
  9. Grey and Black
  10. Ice Blue and Brown
  11. Dark Grey and Oat Colour
  12. Purple and White

Here are The Colourful Details!!!

Green and White

Green is the colour that brings liveliness to any space. Paired with white borders, a wardrobe in this harmonious combo can make your wardrobe look clean and classy.

Grey and White

Both are subtle colours and yet make the perfect two-colour combination of wardrobe design. How? Grey lends a charming yet neutral touch to the wardrobe whereas white will is a colour that can squeeze its way into grey’s neutrality and yet stand out.

Yellow and Mute Hues

Pair yellow with some muted hues like white or dark brown and you will have the most balanced wardrobe ever. The brilliance of yellow is balanced out by the calmness of white and the dark energy of deep brown.

Blue and White

Blue and white are yet another eye-catchy two colour combination of wardrobe design found in most homes. Thus a classic colour combo will be able to make your room and wardrobe look polished.

Sky Blue and Green

These are two bright colours that can make any room cheerful as the sun. sky blue and green are the jovial two colour combinations of wardrobe designs that kids will immensely love.

Dark Brown and Cream

The choice of a subtle colour with vibrant one is the mantra to having the perfect two colour combination for anything, be it wardrobes or walls. With glass finishing, a wardrobe colour in cream and dark brown will marvellously grace your room.

Teal and White

Teal and white is yet another powerful two colour combination of wardrobe design that oozes splendour. With beautiful lighting under a false ceiling can further enhance the richness of this wardrobe.

Brown and White

Brown is yet again a colour that is subtle yet outstanding. White is always a colour that brings a balance to a colour’s staunchness. The brown walls of your wardrobe will remind you of our connection to mother earth while white handles or sheaths are a symbol of peace. Together they give a calming effect to the room and the wardrobe.

A white wardrobe with wooden hues is another luxurious addition to your room. Any hue of the brown spectrum will complement excellently with white. Want class without too much thought? White walls and brown handles are your choices for the perfect wardrobe.

Grey and Black

Grey and black are the classic two colour combinations of wardrobe design. Your wardrobe could be doused in grey with its handles having spells of black. Black is the eye-catching colour that has people hooked on it wherever it is. You might think it could drown the subtle grey. Well, when these colours come together, they always accentuate each other. Grey walls of a wardrobe will make it seem bigger while the staunch black handles give it a sleek cut.

Ice Blue and Brown

Neutral two colour combinations of wardrobe designs can never go wrong. The perfect wardrobe exists in the ice blue exteriors of a wooden interior wardrobe. Ice blue is soothing to the eyes while the colour of brown makes you feel connected to nature and the woods.

Dark Grey and Oat Colour

Oat colour and dark grey are luxurious wardrobe colours that accentuate the extravagance of a particular room. Both of them are subtle colours yet when they come together, they create a harmonious blend that stands out in the crowd because of its richness.

Blue and Steel Grey

Go for a powerful impact with the two colour combination of steel grey and dark blue for your wardrobe if your room is subtle otherwise. The perfect harmony of the dark colour of blue and the calmth of grey is what a room with modest furnishings needs. If not steel you could go for glass that also lends a similar feel to the room.

Purple and White

Purple and white is one dramatic two colour combination of wardrobe design. The paleness and subtlety of white is in contrast to the striking hues of purple. Both bring in a seamless bland balancing each other out and yet making them stand out in the room.

The Bottom Line: Which is The Best Two Colour Combination of Wardrobe Design?

Well, most colours mentioned here are our favourites with teal and white topping our list. The dark hue of teal mixed with the modest white is a combination we would definitely want in our room. It makes the room look elegant and powerful. Our other favourite is the green and sky blue combo that is the perfect two colour combination of wardrobe design for kids. Hope we helped you make your choice!


What colour is best for a wardrobe?

Some colours perfect for a wardrobe that is approved by Vaastu Shastra are whites, neutrals, and light wood finish. The thing that takes up the most of the space in a room is a wardrobe so opt for colours that make it look sleek and seamless. Moreover, these colours will reflect light which will make the room look spacious.

What are some two colour combinations of wardrobe designs?

Here are 14 two colour combinations of wardrobe designs:

  • Green and White
  • Grey and White
  • Yellow and Mute Hues
  • Colourful stripes
  • Blue and White
  • Sky Blue and Green
  • Hues of Brown
  • Dark Brown and Cream
  • Teal and White
  • Brown and White
  • Grey and Black
  • Ice Blue and Brown
  • Dark Grey and Oat Colour
  • Purple and White

Which Sunmica colour is best for a wardrobe?

Yellow and grey are a harmonious two-colour combination for a wardrobe. Subtle horizontal lines of yellow on grey laminates will make the room look even more spacious.

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