12 Reasons to visit Barbados

Barbados is a stunningly beautiful tropical island located in the Caribbean Lesser Antilles. The Caribbean Sea surrounds the west coast of the island while the wild Atlantic Ocean rings the east coast. Many pristine white sandy beaches surround the island, and it is home to many luxury Barbados Villas.

Barbados is small. It has a total land area of 166 square miles. It is approximately 20 miles from the northwest to the southwest points of the island and just 15 miles from the east to the west.

The island is one of the most popular in the Caribbean for luxury travellers. But why visit Barbados over other Caribbean islands or other tropical destinations? Here are 12 reasons why.

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  1. The island first became popular during the seventies when Concorde, operated by British Airways, chose to fly to Barbados. The arrival of the Concorde attracted the rich and famous and many celebrities. Many of them loved the island so much that they decided to build homes. It resulted in the Villas in Barbados being amongst the best in the world.
  1. Barbados has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Many of the best ones have their location on the west and south coast of the island, such as Payne’s Bay Beach, Sandy Lane, Gibbs Beach, and Mullins Bay. Each of them has crystal clear turquoise waters and soft white sands.
  1. The island is a gourmet lovers heaven. It has a great choice of beachfront and oceanfront restaurants where guests can enjoy delicious food while listening to the gentle sounds of the ocean. Some of the most popular include Tides, Quattro at the Cliff, Daphne’s, Lone Star, and Sea Shed. Of course, local Barbados food is also prevalent. There are some great local rum shacks and restaurants offering local specialties. The national food is Cou Cou and Flying Fish. The food is generally quite spicy and delicious.
  1. Barbados has an outstanding balance of sophisticated luxury and authentic Caribbean culture. It’s possible to dine in one of the world’s best restaurants or at a local rum shack and enjoy both experiences equally.  You can shop at some of the world’s most famous designer brands or at a local market full of color and atmosphere. 
  1. The local people, called Bajans, are among the friendliness and warmest people in the world. Many Barbados Villas come with housekeepers, and many of the luxury homes are fully staffed with butlers, chefs, gardeners, and maids. One of the reasons the island receives so much repeat business is due to the wonderful staff. If you fancy finding out more information, look at the Exceptional Villas or Villas Barbados website, which has a beautiful selection of options.
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  1. Barbados is one of the most accessible islands in the Caribbean with which to travel. Grantley Adams International Airport has direct flights from Europe, the United States, and Canada. Direct routes include London, Manchester, Dublin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, New York, Boston, Charlotte, and Miami. Atlanta and Toronto. 
  1. The island has a fascinating history. The island was first occupied by the British in 1627 and remained one of the British colonies until 1961. Barbados gained independence in 1966. During this time, the island was the world’s largest sugar producer. Barbados still had ties to Great Britain and was part of the Commonwealth. Before the British occupation, Carib and Arawak Native Americans occupied Barbados. Some of the island’s most exciting sites include St Nicholas Abbey, The Garrison Savannah, and The Nidhe Israel Synagogue for anyone interested in history.
  1. Barbados is one of the best islands in the Caribbean for shopping. The two main areas are Bridgetown and Holetown. Both have a great selection of duty-free shops offering excellent value. Visitors to the island can avail of between 20% and 40% lower prices on various items such as cosmetics, electronics, jewellery, wines, and clothing. In Holetown, the Lime grove shopping and lifestyle center have many international designer shops such as Cartier, Longchamp, and Ralph Lauren. Also in Holetown are the chattel shops where guests can find an excellent selection of boutiques offering island-chic fashion and local gifts.
  1. Barbados is the island of sports offering a great variety of sports. It has some excellent golf courses, such as Sandy Lane and Royal Westmoreland. Tennis enthusiasts will also love the island with excellent facilities available at Sandy Lane, Sugar Hill, and Royal Westmoreland. Barbados is also famous for polo, with several polo grounds that attract many royals worldwide and the rich and famous during the season. Horse racing is another highlight on the island. The Sandy Lane Barbados Gold Cup, which takes place on the first Saturday of March each year, attracts a tremendous international following.
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  1. The island is one of the best in the Caribbean for watersport enthusiasts. The crystal-clear waters make it a perfect playground for snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts. There are many exciting shipwrecks around the island, but the two not to miss are The Pamir, Friars Crag, and the Stavronikita. You are likely to see turtles, stingrays, moray eels, nurse sharks, and seahorses during your snorkel or dive as well as Lobsters, conch, and reef squid. Other water sports available on the island include sailing, surfing, deep-sea fishing, water skiing, glass-bottom boat rides, and jet skiing.
  1. Barbados has excellent year-round weather. While much of the Caribbean has hurricanes during September and October, Barbados’s easterly location protects it from the majority of the bad weather. Consequently, there is no wrong time to travel to the island with all the restaurants and shops open year-round.
  1. Barbados is stunningly beautiful. The tropical climate ensures an abundance of rainforests, flowers, and trees. In addition, the east coast is surrounded by the Atlantic, resulting in naturally rugged breath-taking beauty.  The west and south coast are equally beautiful, with lush tropical vegetation and beautiful views of the turquoise seas. Some of the island’s most beautiful beauty spots include Animal Flower Cave, Crane Beach, Barbados Wildlife Preserve, Bathsheba Bay, and The Farley Hill National Park.


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