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10 Things to Know Before Moving to Houston

Houston, named after former General Sam Houston, is the most populous city in Texas. Being the home of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, it is often called the ‘Space City.’ In addition, Houston has long functioned as the state capital and commercial center of Texas. Today, Houston is home to the Texas Medical Center, the world’s biggest medical metropolis. 

The growing popularity of Houston with its cultural diversity has made it a popular choice to move in. So, are you one of those looking for houses for rent in Houston and moving to this city shortly? If yes, read this guide till the end to find out the most important things to know before moving to Houston.

1. The population of Houston is rapidly growing

Since the beginning of the 20th-century, Houston has been developing quickly. Houston has seen a staggering 17% population increase since 2000 and is the fourth most populous city in the United States, with 2.3 million people. Because of their proximity to Mexico, 39 percent of these inhabitants speak Spanish. Houston’s geographical position near oil refineries is one of the main reasons the city is booming rapidly. In addition, the optimism for opportunities surrounding this developing city is an alluring factor for people moving to Houston.  

2. The paradise of diversification

Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the USA. Concluding the statistics of the most important parameters like socioeconomic, cultural, religious, social, and household, collectively, it ranks higher than any other city in the US. Education, income, age, marital status- you will find different sets of people in Houston. Ethnic food, culture, clothing, and surroundings will make your stay wonderful in Houston.

3. Low cost of living & affordable housing (rental and ownership)

Houston has the stunted cost of living among Texas’ major cities – Austin and Dallas. According to Payscale, living in Houston is 2% lower than the national average, while housing is 5% higher. So, if you are looking for rooms for rent in Houston, it is indeed a good choice.

The relatively low prices of houses make Houston a popular choice for outsiders. As a result, a diverse range of apartments is available in this city. The South Park & Greater 5th Ward hosts many affordable houses. Uptown and Eldridge West Oaks are the most popular areas for rentals. And if you still can’t afford to rent on your own, consider leveraging a Houston roommate finder such as Diggz.

4. The hot & humid weather

If you are a person who loves calm and warm weather, you will love Houston. It features a hot & humid subtropical climate with plenty of rainfall all around the year, which sometimes increases the risk of flooding. Hurricanes are also a major phenomenon in this city. Locals ultimately grow used to the humid climate of Houston. It is advised to wear more mosquito protection when you go outside. 

5. A home of Beaches and Museums

Summers in Houston are scorching, but the balmy waters of the Texas Gulf Coast are only 45 minutes away. So pack a lunch and your swimwear for a day excursion to Gavelston to get away from the hustle and bustle of Houston. 

You don’t have to relocate to New York City to experience an incredible museum culture. Houston has its own Museum District, with 19 museums spread over four walking zones. On the weekends, you can visit the Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston and the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences, among other attractions. 

6. Rich Culture with Texas soul

There are plenty of cultural attractions to go around. As mentioned earlier, the cultural diversity of Houston is quite alluring. Houston sports various arts and crafts. Amidst the diversity, Houston hasn’t lost his soul. The Cowboy Texas culture still prevails in most of the corners of Houston. This city is a culture-rich place with both adaptation & preservation at its core. The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo (HLSR), also known as Rodeo Houston, is the largest livestock exhibition globally.  

7. Insects are not your friend

If you are shifting from a cooler climate, be aware and cautious of the insects here. Houston’s hot & humid conditions are clubbed with its torrential rainfall; the hot & humid conditions are a dream home for mosquitoes, mud daubers, pets, etc. Dengue-carrier mosquitoes are also prevalent here. So if you are planning to move to a room for rent in Houston, get your insect repellent ammunition stocked up. 

8. Long commutes and Tunnels

Average one-way communication takes roughly half an hour in Houston. So it is a challenge to live in Houston without a personal vehicle. Living inside the loop of the city gives you more options, though. In Houston, tunnels stretch more than 6 miles beneath Houston’s central streets, 20 feet below. It is used by the locals for commuting, especially during hot summers. 

9. Hometown of NASA and job opportunities

Houston is one of the finest places to live and work in Texas. It houses corporate and regional offices of some of America’s largest companies. As a result, Houston has the country’s one of the fastest-growing job markets. Houston has a tremendous infrastructure for astronaut training. Space enthusiasts, curated minds, and scientists galore here daily. You can also find your suitable niche, from administrative specialists to maintenance technicians. The low-income tax is also incremental to Houston’s job market.

10. Healthcare scene

Healthcare is another area where Houston ranks among the country’s top cities. Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical complex, is a pride of Houston. Houston has internationally acclaimed hospitals; however, access to healthcare is relatively poor.

Houston has something for everyone, from an international food spot to world-class colleges. Many areas are secure, peaceful, and walkable, making them perfect for raising a family or visiting Downtown for live entertainment, bars, and attractions. So, if you wish to move to this city, find a house for rent in Houston near the areas of your job opportunity. The most significant advantages of living in Houston are the reduced cost of living and housing compared to similar-sized cities. You’ll have more money to enjoy the food, beer, big-brand retail shopping, and outdoor activities. 

If you are not warm weather friendly and apprehensive about commuting too much, you might not like Houston. However, this city is home to the best companies and provides affordable housing. Moreover, it is flourishing with diversification and is great for children to grow up amidst many sports and fun activities.

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