Signs That You Need a New Boiler Installation Leeds?

Buying a new boiler is always a huge investment. However, it does not mean that your boiler is going to last forever. One day or another you will need a new boiler installation in Leeds. Hiring the right services for boiler installation is really important as everyone wants to keep the price minimum yet avail high quality outcomes. If the installation is done right, your boiler will last long and break frequently. Therefore professional Boiler Installation Leeds is really important. Mera Boiler is a great service to hire if you are in search of a team of experts.

If you are getting a boiler installation done for the very first time, or you are getting a new boiler after quite a few years, then we have summed up, a small yet informative guide for you, right here.

Do I need a New Boiler Installation Leeds?

If your boiler is being troublesome, you need to make sure that it is not demanding to be replaced.  There are some visible signs that indicate the need of a new boiler installation in Leeds.

Therefore we have summed up some simple science that will help you understand whether you need a new boiler installation or not. Let’s get started.

1. It is more than 10 years old:

Your boiler is not going to provide you with the same level of efficiency forever. After a few years it will demand to be replaced. Whether you need a new boiler installation or not is highly dependent on the condition of your heating system. However, if your boiler is 10 years old then it is a good time to consider investing in a new one. Also you do not have to wait around for boilers to start being extremely problematic to replace. There are some amazing and highly advanced boilers on the market these days which do not compare well to your old one. Thus, moving on with innovation and technology is always a smarter choice to make.

Installation of home heating. A worker attaches the pipe to the gas boiler.

2. High Energy Bills:

If your energy bills have risen over the past few months but your consumption is the same as before, then it is quite possible that the trouble is being caused by your boiler. As your boiler ages its efficiency decreases significantly. This simply means that it will demand more fuel to fulfill your desired outcome. This is when you definitely need to consider a new boiler installation in Leeds. Highly advanced boilers now allow you to control your heating systems smartly and gain control over your energy bills, reducing them significantly.

3. It is making a lot of noise:

If your boiler has started making unusual sounds, quite often, then it might be needing a replacement. It is ok for a boiler to make weird noises once in a blue moon. However, if the noises become constant and more frequent; it is a clear indication that a boiler has given up. The worse noise is a kettle-like sound, produced by a boiler. This certainly requires you to go for a new boiler installation Leeds service and invest in an energy efficient, and advanced boiler.

4. Frequent Breakdowns:

It is completely fine for your boiler to break down sometimes. However, if it is demanded by a repair expert quite often, and it breaks down too frequently, then it needs to be replaced.  frequent boiler breakdowns not only indicate a poorly functioning heating system but it also adds up to your monthly budget as getting it fixed is not a cheap task. Therefore, it is best to invest in new Boiler Installation Nottingham, rather than wasting time on getting it fixed every other week.


If your boiler is showing any of the above mentioned signs, then YES, you do need a new boiler installation in Leeds. It is about time that you replace your old boiler and get a new, much more advanced one. Also, if your boiler is failing to heat the water, at your desired temperature, even after getting repaired; you need to invest in a new one right away, before the winter seasons comes up.

Mera Boiler helps you get the best boilers in the market and you can also get expert advice about which boiler would be best for you.

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