Why You Should Choose Window Medics for Your Window Repair

Unlike the wall color in your kitchen or the flooring in your bathroom, your home’s windows are seen from the inside and outside. Because of this, they play a key role in the style and look of your house. As a result, you want to ensure that your windows are maintained and free from foggy and broken panes. Aside from the aesthetics of your home, your windows also help keep your home comfortable and safe. Given the unique role that your windows play, it is important that you keep them clean and well maintained.

Not only does a broken window look bad, but it can also have an impact on the energy efficiency of your home. Heat gain and loss through windows can be responsible for around 25 percent of residential heating and cooling energy use. Whether you have old windows with original glass or new windows, any cracks or issues with the sash or seal can impact temperature control in your home. If you notice these issues, you should call experienced technicians to evaluate your windows and offer solutions.

Since your windows are an essential component of your home, you’ll want a team with years of experience in window repair to help resolve any issues. A cloudy or broken window will only cause further problems if left untreated. Contacting the technicians at Window Medica will ensure that you get a great experience in a timely manner. Window Medics is an experienced glass repair and window restoration company known for high-quality work. Let’s take a closer look at selecting Window Medics for all of your window needs.

Window Repair

Dual-pane windows and doors provide great energy efficiency and comfort in your home. The design of the windows ensures that the air trapped between the panes insulates your home year-round. The downside of these windows is that they come with a limited lifespan and will eventually cloud up and become foggy. A repair company might suggest window replacement as your only option in many instances. However, the team at Window Medics uses a patented technique and the latest technology to repair the foggy glass. A quality repair can clear up your windows and extend the lifespan by 20 more years. Given that the average cost of new windows is around $650 per window, Window Medics could save you 50-70 percent of the cost of replacing your windows or doors.

In addition to clearing up your glass, the window experts at Window Medics can also provide a quality repair. If your window glass is broken or chipped, the technicians can provide a quality glass replacement. They offer window glass in all shapes and sizes and can replace any single, double, or triple-pane glass. They have the expertise to deal with any kind of glass that you need for your commercial or residential windows.

Window Replacement

While the folks at Window Medics will try to repair your windows, some situations require replacement. If you need a replacement, the friendly staff at Window Medics can offer high-quality windows at a discount of up to 25 percent off other window replacement companies. They have a huge selection of designs and colors and only offer windows that are Energy Star rated for maximum energy efficiency. Similar to glass replacement, they can replace all kinds of windows and can help you get a replacement in any shape or size. While they will try to repair your window first, the experts at Window Medics also offer excellent service and expertise for your replacement window needs.

Your windows play an important part in your home’s aesthetics, safety, and comfort. As a result, it is essential that your windows and glass remain in good working order. The experts at Window Medics can provide quality repairs or replacements and ensure that your windows are in good shape.

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