Why Does My Water Heater Element Keep Burning Out?

On average, a US household of four will use about 63 gallons of hot water a day. If you like warm showers or use heat to clean, then a broken water heater is a serious problem.

A burned-out water heater element is a common cause of water heater problems. What happens if you keep experiencing one burnt-out element after another?

You’ll want to figure out why your elements keep going out, so you can stop wasting money on replacements.

Read on to discover the top five reasons why your elements keep burning up.

1. Dry Firing

Dry firing is the top cause of burnt-out elements. This situation happens when the installer makes a mistake. If the hot water tap isn’t open while the tank fills, an air pocket forms.

Later on, that air pocket can cause your heating element to burn out.

2. Poor Wiring

Poor wiring is another common cause of burnt out elements. A poor connection between your wires and your unit could cause your elements to overwork.

It can also cause a random voltage increase to heat up your elements, too. Poor wiring does not only impact your water heater. It’s also a safety hazard.

3. Sediment Buildup

If you live in an area with high mineral concentration in your water, then know it’s traveling in your heater, too. Hard water causes sediment buildup in your unit.

When this sediment collects in your tank, it can prevent the water above from heating up. As a result, your elements work harder to heat the water, which leads to a burnout.

4. Damage to Your Water Heater Unit

Air pockets can form during installation, but they can also form due to damage to your unit. Cracks or holes in your unit or internal components can lead to air pockets, which burn out your elements.

The elements themselves can crack, too. So, be sure to inspect your elements for any damage if you’re struggling to get hot water.

5. Power Surges

Water heaters do depend on electricity, so a power surge has a direct impact on your elements. It can even cause them to burn out.

Most full-sized home units have two heating elements. When one water heater element burns out, the second one is working way harder. I’s likely to burn out soon, too.

If you’re replacing one, then go ahead and replace both water heater replacement parts. That way, you can be sure that you have a fully operational unit once again.

Top Causes of Water Heater Element Burnout

When a water heater element burns out, you won’t have access to hot water anymore. The bad news is that even if you replace the part, you could end up struggling with the same problem again soon.

If you’ve experienced repeated burn-outs, then you need to consider the possibilities above. It’s likely that there’s a reason your elements keep going out on you. Identify the cause, and you can solve the problem for good.

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