Why Braces Are Good for Your Teeth

You can tell a lot about a person through a person’s smile. Almost every person would like a warm, beautiful, and inviting smile, but not everyone can have that. Misaligned teeth can affect your confidence but worry not; braces can easily help you fix that.

It’s hard to know if you need braces, so I urge you to visit an orthodontist at least twice a year. Braces are not just for teeth alignment, but they have other benefits, and here are reasons why braces are good for your teeth.

Helps prevent bone erosion

Misaligned teeth are major common causes of jawbone erosion. When extra force and pressure are placed on the teeth and gums, the pressure creates spaces where bacteria can hide and start eating away at the bones. Braces, in turn, prevent erosion by making sure that there are no gaps in your mouth by moving the periodontal ligaments, whereas the connective tissues and nerves are stretched. Braces also ensure that all the parts of the jawbone are exercised.

Reduces risk of teeth damage

Crooked or misaligned teeth tend to increase your chances of teeth damage since the force applied during biting or chewing is not evenly distributed. The force applied becomes too much for a single tooth, increasing its chances of cracking or breaking. Braces aid in strengthening your teeth by evenly distributing the force applied, reducing the risk of damaged teeth.

Improved oral hygiene

People with misaligned teeth often have a problem with oral hygiene due to the overlapping teeth making it hard to clean, brush, or floss. Thereby turning the mouth into a bacteria heaven where they can cause harm like tooth decay, cavities, and bad breath. Although braces cover most parts of your teeth, you can still clean between the brackets and wires.

Reduce stress

People with crooked teeth always have a hard time smiling or laughing in public, which can be frustrating, leading to stress. Braces are an impermanent treatment that would result in you developing a gorgeous smile. Thus, improving your confidence and self-esteem gives you one less thing to worry about. If you do not like the regular metal braces, you can decide to get clear braces fitted by an Invisalign dentist. Invisalign are clear aligners used to adjust teeth.

Prevention of gum disease

Gum disease or gingivitis is an affliction that is notorious among people with crooked teeth. If you have misaligned teeth or crooked teeth, it is easy for food particles and plaque to be trapped in between your teeth. Food particles and plaque allow bacteria to multiply and eventually infect your gums. Putting on braces evens the teeth out, making them easier to clean with an ordinary toothbrush and floss. Using braces means fewer particles get trapped, and the bacteria are eradicated before it causes gum disease.

Reduces Chances of TMJ Disorder

Misaligned teeth and jaws result in undue stress and pressure on the temporomandibular joints causing TMJ. Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) is caused by extra pressure eating the jaw muscle mass and jaw joints. Bite problems cause TMJ, and wearing orthodontic braces can relieve jaw pain by aligning the teeth well. Straightening the teeth will balance the bite forces and eliminate stress from the connected muscles and discs, keeping them healthy while preventing or alleviating any discomfort.

Preventing tooth decay

When Your have teeth overlapped each other, they create tight spaces in between them. Crooked or crowded teeth make it very difficult to brush and floss effectively. When teeth overlap, they are susceptible to uneven wear and tear. They also do not take an equal part in biting and chewing the food. Misaligned teeth allow plaque and bacteria to build up, thus leading to tooth decay. If you opt for braces, your teeth will gradually straighten out. Hence making it simpler to brush and floss your teeth with much ease; as a result, there’s a lowered chance of tooth decay.

Oral and dental health involves addressing significant problems as soon as possible. It also includes orthodontic treatment, which significantly affects physical and mental health. Braces can help with many oral health problems and may save you a lot of money and time.

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