Where Can You Hire The Best Technical Content Writers?

Are you looking to hire the best technical writer in Seattle or anywhere across the globe who can deliver good quality content? Wondering which websites to approach for your requirements? We can help get the best team just for you by recommending various sites and platforms where you can find professional content writers who can convey your innovative ideas through exceptional sentences and break down complex scenarios into easily understandable information.

Content Whale

With countless accomplishments since its establishment, Content Whale has established itself and tops the chart by covering 42 types of writing within 48 hours of guaranteed services. Serving 40+ industries, Content Whale has designed 1000+ ppts, written and edited 25k+ content, completed 1000+ projects, and covered 2.5k+ technical content pieces!

This is a one-of-a-kind platform where you can expect both quality and timely delivery of projects. Content Whale’s services can help you save time, while minimizing the risk through outsourcing and boost your SERPs ranking without much investment. They provide quality technical writing in New York and across the globe.


This is perhaps one of the best platforms for getting writers skilled in technical writing. Upwork is a popular freelancer platform and is renowned all around the world. Housing a vast pool of technical writers and freelancers, Upwork specializes in effectively dealing with multiple large-scale clients and businesses. With over 3 million jobs posted on Upwork on an annual basis, you can easily hire experienced writers and get your job done in no time!


Skyword works exclusively on establishing trust and building lasting relationships by making it easy for brands to tell their authentic stories. Being a highly developed content marketing platform, Skyword offers premium content and careful curation with support from a well-equipped account management team. Clients and businesses can hire freelancers and technical writers from this exclusive talent pool.


Fiverr is another popular freelancing website that offers top-quality technical writing services and facilitates communication between companies and technical writers. Covering various discussions such as negotiating payment scales and compiling revised projects, Fiverr dominates the freelancing platforms and leaves both the client and the writer satisfied with its facilities.


Prominent for choosing the best technical writer, Contently provides customized services to every client and connects businesses directly with vetted writers with no need for intermediates. Said to be a gold standard in offering quality services, you can strategically manage your technical writing team using the company’s workflow services and analytical platform.


Credible for having more than 1.5 million active users from all around the world, Guru is an online job board featuring extensive technical writing projects that operates using a built-in project management tool. Easily manageable and user-friendly, Guru makes a great choice for small businesses as well as large multinational companies.


Just as the name suggests, WriterAccess is a top-quality platform for connecting with expert technical writers and holding company meetings for addressing reviews. Offering various membership levels at affordable costs, WriterAccess effectively handles projects for small start-up businesses and offers high-quality writing services that need substantial research.


This is an advertisement platform where you can find anything you are looking for, such as jobs, services, housing, resumes, discussion forums, and much more. Craigslist can be a suitable site to check out and get the level of professionalism you expect from a technical writer. With easy filters to fetch writers within your location, you can easily hire the team of writers you feel suits your requirements.


A similar freelancing website that offers premium quality services, Freelancer acts as a marketplace that connects technical writers looking for jobs and businesses looking for services. Offering easy contact and immediate availability, Freelancer provides secure payment methods for their services and facilitates various options to filter the required services.


ProBlogger offers various job opportunities and a paid job board where you can advertise your product and choose the writers with preferable skills for your project. With a better and wider reach, you can easily find top-quality writers having years of experience in content creating and technical writing. You can get team members for other services such as marketing, copywriting, editing, etc.


Composed of a database supporting more than 100,000 qualified writers, Textbroker specializes in connecting new clients, start-up businesses, and large-scale companies with technical writers enrolling for providing freelancing services. Accurately displaying various features such as the level of the author, and the level of the offered service with attached sample content, Textbroker helps to determine expert technical writers suitable for your requirements.

The Writer Finder

The Writer Finder is an online marketing agency that can help businesses and companies connect with expert freelancers and technical content writers. Possessing an extensive database that covers a wide range of vetted and experienced writers, you can easily find technical writers who are subject matter experts as well. Another prominent feature of The Writer Finder is the money refund policy if you are not satisfied with the work quality provided by the hired writers.

With so many websites loaded with technical writers offering content services, make sure to hire a proficient team of skilled experts to generate your content. Choose the best website along with suitable payment plans and membership subscriptions to enjoy maximum benefits with no compromise in quality!

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