When Is the Best Time to Schedule HVAC Maintenance?

People often tend to overlook the maintenance of their HVAC systems until something goes wrong with the appliance and it ceases to operate. This is why experts always recommend people to pay serious attention to the maintenance reminder sent by their HVAC company.

This is important because every electronic appliance, be it your washing machine or air conditioning system, requires regular maintenance to function optimally. But when exactly should you schedule an HVAC maintenance and also check new HVAC installations if there’s any? Continue reading to learn more about HVAC maintenance and servicing.

But First, What Exactly Is HVAC Maintenance?

Whichever HVAC company you choose when buying your heating or air conditioning system, they will all offer scheduled maintenance service. This service will be dedicated to evaluating the overall condition of your air conditioning system or heating system. It is further worth mentioning that the level of service offered by different HVAC companies can vary to a great extent. 

The HVAC technician sent by your HVAC company will come with a checklist of varied items to be tested, inspected, cleaned, and adjusted on your heating or cooling system based on the time of the year. The maintenance offered by these technicians is very different from the regular cleaning that you might be doing every month. It includes tasks like ensuring there are no obstructions in the outdoor unit and even changing the air filter every once in a while.    

In general, the HVAC technician will probably make a couple of tweaks here and there to enhance the overall performance of your heating or cooling system. In addition, one must also be prepared to replace or repair any mechanical component that has worn out or failed.       

So, When Should I Schedule My HVAC Maintenance?

Conventionally speaking, the ideal time for you to schedule an HVAC maintenance is the time when you use the machine most. This means if you are looking to schedule maintenance for your air conditioner, the springtime will be ideal. On the contrary, in the case of heating systems, fall is the ideal time for you to schedule maintenance. Furthermore, this is also a time when the HVAC technicians are less likely to be occupied with other tasks, so you get the liberty to schedule the maintenance at your convenience. 

However, the time you schedule the maintenance is not always important and what’s more important than that is the frequency of the maintenance. Experts always recommended getting the HVAC thoroughly checked at least once a year to ensure all its components are in ideal condition. This means if you have a conventional HVAC system that is not used throughout the year, it must be maintained every year. Whereas, if you have a heat pump used throughout the year, ensure to schedule maintenance for it every six years without any failure. 

In Conclusion

The reason you installed an HVAC system is that you want to be comfortable, and this is also the reason why you need to maintain your HVAC system regularly. Therefore, schedule an appointment with the highly competent technicians at our HVAC company and enhance the life of your cooling and heating systems.            

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