What you should know about temporary agencies

These are all the questions you need answered if you want to use a staffing agency


Temporary or temporary employment agencies (also called staffing agencies) have been providing temporary workers and jobs to companies for a number of decades.

As the needs of people around the world grow, these agencies have expanded on a large scale. They both operate under the same philosophy.

This is a large company that provides seasonal, temporary, or temp-to-hire employment for many talented people.

Do you still have a hard time understanding temporary staffing agencies? You can learn more about the concept by reading this guide…

How do Temp Agencies work?

As a general concept, a temp agency bay area connects job seekers with different companies and industries through contracts (non-term and long-term).

In order to save time and utilize their expertise, companies engage these agencies at their convenience.

Temp agencies offer benefits

How often do you notice that when you apply to a job board, it goes where? There is a sea of job applications from different applicants, and it gets lost in the shuffle.

Temporary staffing companies deal with this differently.  By applying to Scion Staffing, your application gets seen right away by a staffing manager.

When you apply yourself, you usually don’t get feedback immediately.

Your resume will then be refined and your application will be professionally redesigned by the company.

Each member of the temp agency—managers, recruiters, and other employees—helps you fine-tune your skills.

How do Temp Agencies work?

Temporary workers are hired by temp agencies to fill vacancies in businesses. Listed below is a step-by-step process for businessmen employing staff through staffing agencies.

1) The employer contacts a temp agency. Your job description should be specialized by the agency. Included are salary, responsibilities, and how many employees are wanted.

2) The agency will write and publish your company profile and then market it for you. Applicants who have already applied will be contacted if they already have applications.

3) The staffing agency shortlists candidates according to their qualifications and experiences that relate to the position after receiving their applications. Your business’s human resource department is introduced to qualified candidates before conducting an interview.

4) The employer has the final say. The candidate chosen by the agency will be interviewed by this person. It saves you time by avoiding the tedious task of going through publishing for your job and endless applications.

5) The agency will take care of the paperwork. Taxes, contracts, and payroll tasks are taken care of by them while hiring a person.

Charges Associated with Temporary Staffing

It is common for staffing agencies to charge 25 to 100 percent of the employee’s pay. A hiring company would pay $15 per hour for the job if the employee earned $10 per hour and the business charged a 50% markup on the rate.

Paying for a temporary worker may be needed if they are hired for a permanent position.

Temp agencies: a common misconception

Staffing agencies are typically viewed as being very costly to hire, and that is the biggest misconception about them. It is considered wasteful when you can accomplish the task on your own with some effort.

Although it might seem this way on the surface, a temp agency will save you a lot of money in the long run. However, even with your time and effort, you still fail to hire competent employees, despite the burden of your work.

Other misconceptions concern the employees of staffing agencies since they haven’t been hired elsewhere.

Actually, that isn’t true. People often prefer temporary or contract employment to permanent employment. A change or an aim for something different might explain their decision.


Temporary employment agencies reduce your work and save you time. The best temp agencies like Scion Staffing help you find the lucrative jobs you want, using the right approach, experience, and methods.


Can temp agencies be worth the cost?

They are definitely worth it since they save you the hassle and time it takes to find someone competent.

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