What to Look for in Hotel Reviews When Deciding Where to Stay

Here we will discuss what to look for in hotel reviews when looking at different hotels.

Whether traveling for business or leisure, the hotel you stay in can significantly impact the mood of your trip. A great way to determine which lodging facility can provide you with the best stay is by looking at reviews.

Keep reading to familiarize yourself with the statements made in reviews that will be most helpful during your search.

Overall Rating

A hotel’s rating can give you a good idea of how happy you may be with the facility.

A Hotel has two ratings; A star rating and a satisfaction rating.

A star rating represents the variety and quantity of amenities provided and is scored on a scale of one to five stars.

For example, a hotel with no pool, gym, or features other than lodging will typically have one star. On the other hand, a facility that has a pool, gym, spa, bar, arcade, tennis court, and more might have a five-star rating.

A satisfaction rating represents a hotel’s overall quality and is scored on a scale of one to ten. For example, a hotel with a 5 out of ten rating might have unprofessional staff, a dirty facility, and other undesirable qualities.

One thing to remember when looking at reviews is that some may be fake. For example, if a hotel has high ratings but many negative or conflicting comments, there is a good chance that some positive feedback is false. Therefore, to avoid being fooled by untrustworthy reviews, it is best to not only look at the rating but the general consensus in the comments as well.

Staff Conduct

Unfortunately, some hotels have staff members that are not helpful and friendly. Look at the reviews to ensure your needs are met with a smile and solution during your stay.

Reviewers commonly make statements about their interactions with staff because how they were treated may have directly affected the mood of the entire trip.

Look for comments that mention rude or kind behavior, how long it took for an issue to be resolved, and whether or not staff was willing to compromise and be flexible. For example, sometimes you check into a hotel and discover that the condition of your room is less than satisfactory. If this happens, the staff should immediately fix the issues or transfer you to a new room. So, look for reviews that shed light on how the hotel employees reacted in these situations.


Hotel cleanliness is one of the most critical factors of a good facility which is why cleanliness is mentioned more than anything else in reviews.

A dirty hotel can send you home with a virus, bug infestation, or at the very least, an icky feeling. Skim through reviews to see how others felt about the facility’s hygiene.

If you see that previous guests made statements about a cloudy pool, stained sheets, dirty floors, or similar issues, move on to your next option. However, If you arrive at a hotel that you expected to be clean, and your room is not up to par, don’t be afraid to ask for an upgraded room because your health and peace of mind are most important.


Another thing to look for in reviews is comments about the hotel’s modernization and surrounding neighborhood.

Your hotel doesn’t need to have high-tech gadgets and themed rooms, but certain things do come in handy.

Older hotels may have limited accessibility features, box televisions, worn-out linens, or distasteful decor. Any of these issues could hinder the mood of your trip, which is unfortunate because you are paying to have comfortable accommodations.

Regarding the neighborhood, you may want to find a hotel near shopping centers, restaurants, gas stations, and activities.

Equipment Maintenance

If you choose a hotel because they have specific features, you may want to look for reviews that mention maintenance upkeep.

The normal wear and tear of equipment are expected at a hotel, and occasionally, things break down or don’t work to their full potential. A good hotel will ensure that issues are fixed right away. However, it is common for hotel staff or owners to let some maintenance issues slide for a while.

When looking through reviews, pay close attention to comments that mention the condition of amenities and equipment. Common issues to look for are:

If you find these problems frequently brought up in comments, you may want to find another hotel or call the staff directly to confirm the issues are fixed.


Hotel reviews can be a useful tool when deciding where to stay. To ensure you consider all variables and get the most out of the reviews, look for comments regarding maintenance, cleanliness, staff conduct, and modernization. Additionally, it would help if you looked at the facility’s star and satisfaction rating.

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