What to Look for in a New Job

If you’ve been in one job for a significant amount of time or you’re new to the job market, you may find that you’re nor too sure of what you should be looking for in a new job. In modern life, we spend more of our waking hours at work than we do at home, so it’s essential that you’re happy in your professional life. There are many factors that contribute to your happiness in the workplace, from a salary that makes you feel secure to a friendly team of colleagues. Read on to discover what you should be searching for when on the hunt for a new job opportunity. 

A Good Salary

First things first, people will tell you all the time that there’s a lot more to a job than the salary. Although this is true, the salary is still one of the most important factors, as it’s the main reason you’re doing the job. If the starting salary is amazing, you should assess whether there is a pay review and analysis system in place (click here for more information). This way, you can rest assured that you have the potential to grow in the company, rather than being stuck in a dead-end job. 

Healthy Working Hours

After the salary, you should be assessing your working hours. Ideally, you want to fit work around your life, rather than fit your life around work. The most common working hours are 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Since most other people will be working these hours, you’ll find it much easier to socialize if you’re working these hours, too. Despite this, some industries will require you to work evenings, nights, and weekends, so make sure you find something that offers the hours you’re happy with. Otherwise, you may find yourself feeling isolated by your job. 

Company Benefits

Most companies will come with a handful of benefits in order to dissuade you from competitors. Therefore, if you have a few job offers, you might want to weigh up the company benefits that are on offer to decide which establishment is for you. The most important benefits include vacation pay, retirement funds, insurance, bonuses, among many other things. You need to decide what’s important to you, and if something seems missing from your contract, don’t be afraid to negotiate. 

A Positive Culture

The emphasis on company culture is bigger than it ever has been and it’s no wonder why. As previously mentioned, we spend more of our waking hours at work than we do at home, so we want a company culture in which we feel comfortable. You might ask your colleagues if they enjoy where they are, if they do, this provides you with a bit of reassurance that the working environment is a happy one. Additionally, you might ask your employer about what’s valuable to the company to get a better understanding of the principles and decide whether they align with your own. 

A Friendly Team 

One of the most make or break factors of an enjoyable working environment is the people you work with. If you find you can have a bit of fun with your colleagues, it will make the working day move a bit quicker, even on the slowest of days. It’s a good idea to meet as many people in the team as you can so that you can establish connections across the board. This way, you’ll feel more integrated into the company, which will make you feel more comfortable. 

What’s your deal breakers for a job?

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