What to do if you are a beginner vlogger and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your Youtube’s channel promotion? We have a decision!

Youtube is a career – it’s a fact and if you think otherwise, you must be living under a rock. Many people who have previously run their business on other platforms have moved to Youtube and now are gathering all the benefits from the partnership that it’s offering. Anybody can find anything suitable for them and fulfilling their needs here. There are tons of genres on Youtube, there are millions of people watching it every day and there are countless opportunities for monetization. If you want to join that club too, you should start off right now; and if you have already started, this article is for you. Surely, things aren’t as perfect as it seems from the first sentences: novices have difficulties with becoming popular here, as the niche is being oversaturated with talented people who are willing to show their lives and what they’re passionate about online. However, you can fix that, and how – you’re going to learn from this text.

First of all, you can actually use the free methods of promotion, such as cross posting and cooperating with other vloggers who are more experienced and popular than you. The first goes to leaving the links to each of your new videos on all the social media pages that you have, and the second one goes to contacting people in your Youtube sphere and asking them for a shoutout – sometimes they are keen on helping the newcomers find their audience, especially, if they can have something in return. If you’re a new brand owner, you can always send them your PR box for a review or as a reward, well, you can find something to say thank you in any case. It works just fine and people who are interested in the content that you’re putting forward will come on your page and will probably stay, if it is good enough.

But that’s not all: if you want to reach nice results quickly, you should certainly pay your attention to the fact that you can buy Youtube subscribers for your channel and solve the problem of having a way too small audience once and for all. Surely, those aren’t quite real (but that’s another question to discuss, actually), but those will definitely do a lot for your reputation as a blogger and will show people that your content is validated and interesting to more people than it actually is right now. As they say, “fake it till you make it”, right? This trick works well and has helped many people to enlarge their audience in a very short period of time.

But what about real or fake subscribers? You should definitely look for a chance to buy real Youtube subscribers: but why? Short answer: fake ones can harm your profile’s activity and can destroy your reputation as well. When people see that somebody’s page has thousands of followers to it, but close to none of the views and comments, they quickly understand what it is all about and lose their willingness to watch the content from that moment on. If you don’t want that to happen (and if you don’t want Youtube algorithms to start perceiving you as fake), you should definitely pay attention to what you’re buying for your page.

Also, don’t be shy to ask for help from your friends and family to spread a word about your new channel – and stay smart and thoughtful with what you’re doing. Never try to buy too many subs or too many comments; try to make the promo look as organic as possible, and it is going to show you a great payoff in the future. Stay in touch with your audience and find time to not only process the videos evenly, but also answer all the questions that your audience asks and keep them in touch with what you’re doing with your channel and where it is all going. Good luck!

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