What the Website Development Process Actually Looks Like in Practice

Yes, it’s easier than ever to create a website today. However, the best websites aren’t built in a day. That’s why it takes an average of two months to develop a typical website.

If you plan to do more than the bare minimum, you can’t afford to do things the wrong way when you start creating a website.

However, you don’t need to be an expert in the IT industry to know how to build a website. Keep reading to learn what the website development process looks like in practice.

Website Validation

Validating your website idea is critical before investing in the website development process. Running a website is similar to business ownership, whether you have informational content or a product. You need an audience willing to read.

Look at the current market to see if there is demand for your website content. If there isn’t, you may have problems getting traction online.

Product Wireframe

You’re ready to start the development process if you see a demand for what your website offers. However, you shouldn’t immediately start writing programming code. You need to lay out how your site will work.

You’ll do this with product wireframes. Use wireframes to lay out every screen on your site and how each screen interacts with the others. You’ll use this to help design your site’s user experience.

Design Mockups

Mockups are the next step to creating a great website. A wireframe does a great job at representing your site, but it isn’t a design. This step will take your mockups and put them in a visual format.

Give your designer your mockups and tell them what your visitors expect. Make sure you design for the people visiting your site, not your preferences.

Website Development

You’re ready to put the finishing touches on your site after finishing your wireframes and design mockups. The next step is to write the programming code that brings your site to life.

Give your current progress to your website and app development pros, and they’ll give you the HTML and programming code to make your site live. Ensure you thoroughly lay out every feature you expect and leave nothing to chance. Otherwise, you’ll get a site that doesn’t meet your needs.

Site Testing

You won’t get a perfect website the first time around. There are bound to be a few errors that cause your website not to perform correctly. You need to find these issues before you go live.

Get a group of testers to test every function your website has. Log all display issues and problems with functionality. You may not get every issue doing this, but you’ll find enough to have a more successful website launch.

The Website Development Process Isn’t That Complicated

Yes, you need to do more research if you want to learn more about the tools and techniques of web development pros to build websites. However, you don’t need to know those things if you rely on experts to do their jobs.

All you need to understand is the website development process to get the website you need. Follow the website development lifecycle above to build a new website successfully.

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