What Is The Best Instagram Growth Service In 2022?

Do you know how these Instagram influencers are famous and have a huge fan following? The secret behind their Instagram growth is Instagram Growth Service.

As the name suggests, Instagram growth service is a tool or platform that can help you gain followers. There are many things to be done when it comes to handling Instagram. From analyzing the demographics of your followers to creating high-quality visual content to making plans on getting more followers, etc.

With so many tasks to be done, you need to find the right Instagram growth service that works efficiently for you. 

So, finding the right Instagram growth service can save you a ton of time and even help you in gaining more followers. And here we are presenting to you the best Instagram growth services that you would like to give a try.

The working principle of an Instagram growth service

There are many Instagram growth services available, and every one of them works differently, although their main goal is to get you more followers and more engagement on your account. 

However, don’t take Instagram growth service as a company or a group of people that tells you to buy followers. Instead, you can consider Instagram growth service as a rather high-quality service that helps you with reach and engagement organically. 

There are three ways, Instagram growth service works:

The liking method

One of the methods that Instagram growth service uses is the liking method, which is a bit slow but offers steady growth. In this liking method, you need to provide them information on your target audience and the type of users you want to target.

So the concept is the Instagram growth service will start liking the photos of the profiles you want to target on behalf of yourself. After that, those people will eventually check your profile out and will even start following you.

Although the liking method comes with a cache, i.e.Taking excessive actions on a certain time span can cause Instagram to ban your account forever.

The follow/unfollow method

The second method Instagram growth service uses is the follow/unfollow method, where they will use your account to follow the targeted users. 

This is a proven method, and you will see a huge number of followers. But that won’t last long because people will first follow you and then unfollow after a few days. 

Like the liking method, if it is done foully, Instagram can ban you forever. 

The auto-message method

At last, the Instagram growth service uses the comment and DM method. This is also not a great idea to use because most of the time, DMs are considered spammy and annoying all the time. 

How would you react if a company or brand sends you a message or like that you have never heard of? 

To know the best Instagram growth service, read this article until the end.


Ranked as the best Instagram growth service, GRAMiety claims to offer real followers that too in thousands. This Instagram growth service is 100% safe, set up in minutes, and is also Instagram compliant.

In order to get started with GRAMiety, you just need to sign up on their growth plans and brief them about yourself. After your account is created, state your niche, target audience, and similar accounts.

Then the team of experts at GRAMiety will start working and will engage with your potential audience based on your target accounts. And you will start seeing the results every month.


Hypeplanner is another Instagram growth service that is popular among users. Hypeplanner can get you between 500-150,000 real followers per month. This Instagram growth service guarantees to offer natural growth and increased engagement on your Instagram pages.

After signing up with Hypeplanner, their team of experts will research your account, niche, and goals and will plan the best strategies accordingly. You also provide your competitors’ page to Hypeplanner, and then they will start engaging with your target audience.

More Likes

Engagement is the key when it comes to Instagram. It is also one of those crucial elements for   success. If you don’t have enough likes and comments on your content, you cannot gain real followers. 

This is where More Likes to light. They know the importance of engagement, and they claim to provide instant likes as you post content. More Likes has a network of real users, ensuring that you get likes organically. 

More Likes will regularly cover around four Instagram posts, which is more than enough for any standard user. With the More Likes Instagram growth service, you can choose the number of likes on your post and even speed if you don’t want likes instantly.

Social viral

Social Viral is another organic Instagram growth service tool with a great track record. Social Viral has been helping people in getting more Instagram followers. And you know what the best part is? 

Social Viral has recently expanded its services to Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and pretty much every social media handle.

Social Viral offers affordable packages that include followers, likes, views, etc. You can buy around 50-5,000 high-quality Instagram followers, which seems a fair number to get started. 


Another Instagram growth service platform you should try is Growthsilo which follows a manual engagement technique. This technique focuses on providing ultra-targeted results from a real person that will initially control your growth.

In other words, Growthsilo will appoint you a dedicated account manager once you sign up with them. All you need to do is sign up first, provide your targeting instructions, and boom! You will start getting real followers and engagement immediately. 

Growthsilo offers flexible monthly plans without any contract and guarantees to provide results organically. 

Grab Likes

Grab Likes is considered the best when it comes to the importance of real Instagram likes and followers. They even offer different plans which you can choose for Instagram auto-likes, Instagram followers, and more. 

The platform has a group of a large network that will help you get real followers and likes while following all the Instagram terms. They are best known for providing quality services which you will see in your profile.


As you already know, social media is full of competition, so it is the best option to choose UseViral. When it comes to the strong brand presence among social media, nothing can beat UseViral. 

If you want to grow on every social media platform, then UseViral is the app for you. UseViral has a wide network that will help you gain real followers, likes, comments, views, and more. 

Similar to other tools, you can also choose the number of Instagram followers. UseViral provides these followers quickly and safely, so you don’t have to worry about them dropping off because they aren’t real followers. 


SidesMedia is a champion in Instagram growth service as it has years of experience. Similar to UseViral, SidesMedia has expanded its service to every social media platform. 

So, if you are looking for real Instagram followers or real TikTok followers, or real YouTube views, then SidesMedia can definitely help you with that. You will love the user-friendly website, which also offers a FAQ section, where you can get help on how things work and more.

Stellation Media

After upgrading its services, stellation Media has come a long way and now offers a different approach to Instagram stories. Stellation Media uses Instagram stories to engage more and get followers. 

Stellation Media gains interest around the account through many story views, mass DMs, and other engagement features. If you are looking for instant results, then Stellation Media is the one you should contact as they claim to have some of the highest growth numbers in the industry.

Social Buddy

Social Buddy is also an Instagram growth service that claims to offer real followers, meaning no bots, no fake followers. Social Buddy targets real people on the information you share, like the niche, competitors, and hashtags.

After that, the platform lets these targeted accounts know about and messages them to visit and follow it. They even target the influencers and the people that follow your competitors. 

Social Buddy provides advanced targeting features and uses the follow-unfollow method to get better reach. Social Buddy also offers account manager email support, which means you can email them anytime whenever there is a problem. 


Instamber is an affordable tool that operates for Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Talking about Instagram, Instamber can be used for manual growth as well as bot. 

Istamber  uses an “intelligent target system” that carefully looks for  your audience. While at the same time, the bot follows users, likes, and comments on their posts. Instamber offers different targeting options, including hashtags, location, similar accounts, gender, and language. 

If you want to buy Instagram followers, Instamber also helps you with that. The best thing about this tool is that you don’t have to install any software at all. Also, this tool will automatically engage with the bot and will work on an immediate basis. 

Instamber also offers you a dedicated account manager who will be available for you 24/7. 

The bottom line

After using all these Instagram growth services tools, you will definitely see a spike in your followers. Although, if you want instant results, then you can buy followers, while organic growth is slow and steady, which will definitely let you win the race! 

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