What Causes Blocked Drains?

One of the most common causes in residential buildings is blocked drains in Salisbury. This may seem like a small issue. However, the problems related to blocked drains can amplify significantly without proper care. Therefore, we need to know the reason that causes drain blockage so that effective measures can be incorporated to mitigate it.

The Origins

The origins of plants and trees in your environment are among the most prevalent reasons for drainage problems. As the plants in your yard mature, their roots expand out farther and further, usually to the same extent as the branches. Many people overlook this factor when it comes to planting trees and other plants. 

Some roots are more powerful than you may think, and they can pierce the side of a pipe, causing a blockage. You’ll most likely need to replace the afflicted pipe to fix the problem. To ensure that the task is done correctly, you will need to hire an expert like the Fawcett group. Take caution while adding plants to your garden, especially trees, to avoid this from occurring to you.

Cooking Oil 

As it cools, cooking oil, such as bacon and other fatty dishes, congeals. If the grease solidifies within your pipes as it cools, it might restrict water flow. In the end, fat could completely block the tube. Chemical or DIY cleansers may often remove cooking oil from inside your pipes. 

Heavy blockages, on the other hand, will almost certainly require a water jet or a drain snake to clear. If you’re unsure about conducting this job yourself, a plumber can help. Never pour leftover cooking grease down the drain to avoid this sort of clog. 

Blockage Due to Hair

Even if your hair is short, it can accumulate in your pipes. Drain cleaners, especially ones created exclusively for this purpose, may generally remove hair. Equipment such as hydro-jets is also useful here, incorporated and utilized by expert firms like Fawcett Group. To avoid this, add a drain stopper in your bathroom. 

Issues Related to Toiletries

Makeup wipes, tissues, and other similar objects can easily become caught in your pipes and cause a clog. These goods should never be flushed down the toilet. A plunger could work if the obstruction isn’t too bad, but more severe blockages will almost certainly require a snake or a water jet.

The Presence of Foreign Objects

Children are well-known for flushing stuffed animals and other toys down the toilet and laughing with delight at the things swirling about in the bowl. As entertaining as this hobby may be for children, it may do serious damage to your plumbing system. You will likely need to swap or replace the hoses to fix the problem.

The Collection of Debris

During these periods, sewage lines are stuck with all of the excess rainwater, and leaves, dirt, and other debris can get into the pipes. Remove any leaves that have gathered in your groove regularly. Snakes and hydro jets normally clear these sorts of obstructions. However, some may require pipe replacement. 

Final Overview

As a result, the procedures outlined above assist us in identifying issues of Blocked Drains in Salisbury. Therefore, be sure to seek assistance from professional firms to avail immediate solutions related to this problem.

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