What Are The Primary Problems With Installing Solar Energy?

Solar energy is now topping the chart as the most sustainable form of energy. In the last few years after receiving various rebates and discounts, the cost of installation of solar panels has drastically reduced. 

Therefore it has become very common use in many households and more and more people are flocking to it every single day. However, it doesn’t come hassle-free. 

Here are some of the primary problems with installing solar energy:

Water leaks

Most residential installation is done on the rooftop to avail best use of the sun but this installation if not done properly may lead to cracks through the ceiling. You need to be very cautious and check vigilantly that there are no holes or gaps left after installation otherwise it will cause huge havoc whenever there is even a slight rainfall. 

Faulty installation

Water leaks are not the only problem if installation is not done right. There will be a downpour of problems The power may start dropping after the first two months of usage or the roof water flow might be disrupted. To avoid any such hassle, hire a well-experienced and trained team. When it comes to Solar repairs in Brisbane, the major reason found for the repairs is the poor installation. Ensure that the solar installation team is well versed with all installation methods to avoid any scope of error.

Wire Problem

This problem may not be prevalent immediately after the installation but this is also a primary problem faced after installation. There may be various reasons for this happening, the extreme climatic condition may cause wires to be cut in half or the rats cutting them or it just simply getting loose. To avoid such problems, you can do a manual check after each rain or keep a power log to constantly track if there is any power drop. 

Insufficient solar exposure

If the installation is not done properly by an experienced solar installation consultant then even though you are installing it on your roofs, it will not be futile if the angle is not properly aligned with the rays of the sun to get the maximum coverage and to be able to function best. The panels ought to be at an optimal angle and only the professional services can guide you to do that. Australian Solar Installation has an in-house team of qualified and accredited solar installers making this possible for you. 

Internal Corrosion

This occurs when moisture gets trapped inside the solar panels. This can be avoided if proper analysis of the panel is done before installation. You need to check there are no micro line cracks and that the lamination is done properly so that no moisture creeps in. 

Australian Solar Installations offer a complete solar panel and inverter package for repairs, cleaning, and maintenance thereby reducing a lot of additional costs associated with installation. They also get purchase insurance done. 


There are several problems attached with the installation of solar energy and switching from the mainstream power grid to completely solar energy but with the right precautionary methods, they can be avoided.

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