What are the most popular Canadian Hobbies?

If you’re visiting Canada and thinking about what you’ll do with your free time once you get there, or are simply curious about what Canadians enjoy doing in their free time, you came to the right place! 

Online Gambling

It seems that, contrary to past years, internet gambling is becoming more popular in Canada. There were no online gambling sites allowed to operate inside the borders of the nation prior to this change. 

Online games may presently be played on either a sportsbook in Canada or an offshore website. Continue reading to find out how and why Canadians have become so fond of online gaming. Over time, both the number of people playing and the money generated by traditional brick-and-mortar casinos have decreased. 

Online gaming is popular among Canadians because it allows them to do so from the comfort and privacy  of home. Aside from that, online game producers have supplied a wide range of features and improvements in an effort to draw in more users.

Ice Hockey

This is by far the most common winter sport in Canada, with over a million participants each year. There are numerous amateur teams around the nation for you to join, so not only can you watch, but you can actually participate. 

There are several ways to participate in the sport even if you don’t want to compete. Additionally, it’s an excellent kind of exercise, so you can become in shape in time for your new adventure.

Getting Artistic

Almost everyone wishes they could try their hand at being creative at a certain point, but few of us have the time or resources to do so. Canadians like art, which is understandable given the stunning landscape in which they live. 

For those who are not very talented artists, it may be a joy to sit and observe the world around them, trying to imagine what they could look like on paper.


Coins and stamps top the list of popular collectibles in Canada, according to research. Even though you believe you can accomplish this anyplace, it’s much more fun to attempt and expand your collection while you’re in a new nation. 

This is as there will be many coins & stamps to accumulate that you’ve never seen before. Wine and sports gear and memorabilia are two examples of collectibles that may be sold for a profit in the future, and many Canadians are interested in doing the same.

Rugby League

The good news is that rugby league has become a legitimate sport in Canada, and you may participate if you so choose. Now you may participate in a game that you’ve already only seen on television and never thought you’d be prepared to play yourself. Toronto Wolfpack is currently the home team, and they compete in Challenge Cup if you do well.

Final Verdict

An excellent way to ease yourself into a new place is to pick up a new pastime. In addition, certain hobbies are also sociable, allowing you to meet a wide range of new people and create a network of friends in your area while being immersed into the culture. 

This may be a good thing, since having someone to lean on when you first arrive in a new nation is essential. The globe is full of hobbies, and it seems that Canada has a lot to offer within this department.

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