What Are the Different Types of Ladders?

Ladders are designed to help people conveniently and safely reach high points. The oldest depiction of a ladder comes from a painting in the Spider Caves in Spain, painted around 10,000 years old. Today, ladders are used in a wide variety of industries and most households will have at least one type of ladder.

When planning to buy a ladder, it helps to understand the range of options that are available. In this blog post, we will highlight some of the most common types of ladders and their purposes. Use this ladder buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

Step Ladder

The step ladder is a perfect addition to every household and workplace, given how convenient and practical it is. Step ladders are extremely stable, meaning it’s safe and easy to use without needing assistance from anyone else.

This self-supporting portable ladder is not typically adjustable in length. Thanks to its hinged design, it can be folded for ease of storage until needed again. Step ladders are also available to purchase in different lengths.

Extension Ladder

Also known as a straight ladder, this version is excellent for jobs that require you to reach high points, such as shelving in a stockroom. As the ladder comes in 2 (or more) parts, it is possible to adjust it to the length required.

They are portable and can be reduced from their longest potential length when not in use or during transportation.

Multi-Purpose Ladder

These ladders are certainly true to their name, given how versatile they are. Multi-purpose ladders are adjustable and can change into a range of different positions, depending on the type of job at hand.

It can be used as a step ladder, extension ladder, low platform, and workbench. It can also be easily folded using its hinge design for convenient storage.

Step Stool

Similar to a step ladder, a step stool is a smaller version that is also handy to keep around the home or office. If you need to reach an item from the top shelf in your kitchen cabinet, for example, this ladder is super useful.

Step stools are small in size and can be folded, which makes them practical as well as affordable. Click here to find the best ladders for sale and make the right step.

The Different Types of Ladders You Can Buy

Ladders, regardless of their exact type, serve a highly-practical purpose and are commonplace the world over. It is also useful to have at least 1 type of ladder at home or in your office, while they are essential tools within many different industries.

The above ladder types are all recommended and you should choose the most suitable for you based on your unique needs.

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