What Are the Different Types of Coffee That People Drink Today?

If you’re American, you live in a coffee-fueled nation. The National Coffee Association (NCA) finds that 70% of Americans drink coffee weekly, and 62% have at least a cup every single day.

You probably have your favorite coffee blend if this drink is part of your daily or weekly ritual. If not, there are plenty of choices you can shop for when you’re looking for the best coffee to tickle your tastebuds and supercharge your day.

Here are some of the different types of coffee that people enjoy.

Coffee Beans vs. Ground Coffee

Drinking coffee is as much about the ritual of making it as anything else. One of the main preferences that people have is whether to brew ground coffee or coffee beans.

Purists choose the beans because it’s closest to the original form. However, pre-packaged ground coffee still packs plenty of flavor and aromatic qualities that coffee lovers appreciate.

Espresso Coffee Drinks

If buying coffee is part of your routine, you probably also have a special order that your favorite barista hears regularly. Maybe you like a cup of straight black coffee to appreciate the flavor. Perhaps you enjoy a splash of almond milk or just a dash of cream.

Many people get really intricate with their orders, delving into some espresso coffee drinks. Espresso shots provide an extra jolt of caffeine, along with a different flavor to unlock different attributes of the coffee.

Some espresso drinks that you might like include:

For extra credit, you might even consider buying your own espresso machine so that you can enjoy these drinks in-house.

Iced Coffee Drinks

Iced coffee is the cheat code that coffee drinkers love, and it gave the entire coffee industry new life. Hot weather? No problem. You can enjoy the same special brew on ice with any combination of flavor that you like.

Many of these drinks are made with whipped cream and as smoothies in case you want a caffeinated frozen dessert.

Brain and Health-Oriented Coffee

There are also plenty of coffee drinks for health-conscious people. Many people drink coffee because of its nootropic qualities. These qualities enhance cognition and focus and help you come up with those creative and witty ideas throughout your workday.

You can even sip on coffee that touts benefits related to anti-inflammation, skin health, joint health, and a lack of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Make sure to try this coffee if you’re looking to turn over a new leaf and get healthy.

Shop for the Types of Coffee That You Love

A cup of Joe is so much more than a cup of Joe.

These are a few of the different types of coffee that people drink every morning and throughout the workday. Try one or two of these coffee variations to see what fits your life.

Coffee lovers rejoice! We have plenty of other articles that you can enjoy when you’re looking to learn more about your favorite drink, in addition to topics related to food and beverage, health, and living an abundant life.

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