What Are the Benefits of Real Time Vehicle Tracking?

The vehicle tracking industry is already estimated to be worth $22 billion in 2022, indicating the importance of these systems for businesses with fleets of any size.

But, if you’re considering buying a real-time vehicle tracking system, what benefits can you expect in return for your investment? If you’ve never used vehicle tracking before, you may be wondering if you’d be better spending your money on another type of tech to improve your business.

Don’t worry, by the time you’ve reached the end of this vehicle tracking guide, you’ll know more about the fantastic advantages these systems can bring to your company.

Read on to find out more.

Reduced Fuel Costs

Fuel costs can be a huge outgoing, even if you are operating a small fleet. While some of these costs are necessary, you may be paying for more fuel than required. This could be because drivers are taking routes that are too long, or leaving the engine idling when they are not in the vehicle. Drivers may also be accelerating and braking too quickly.

You can see if these problems are occurring using a real-time tracking system, and make your employees aware of the issues. Making changes in these areas could save your business a significant amount of money on fuel.

Assist Drivers With Route Planning

Mapping out a driver’s route before they leave your premises can help them complete their work while traveling the shortest possible distance. Should a driver get lost, you can also use your real-time tracking system to view their position and guide them to their next location.

This ability to use live updates on your screen to assist a driver can be invaluable and help you to save both time and money.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

One of the best vehicle tracking tips is to consider how you can use your system to increase customer satisfaction. For example, in the modern era, customers are used to receiving their orders quickly, and often being able to track their location.

If you can’t provide this type of service, your clients may move to a different provider. But, if you have a real-time tracking system, it’s possible to know exactly where your drivers and packages are at all times.

Should a customer call with a query, you can look on your computer screen and see precisely where a customer’s order is. You can then provide your client with an updated estimated delivery time.

This can improve your relationships with customers and help you win new business.

More Effective Use of Resources

Managing a fleet can be challenging, but it’s even more difficult if you don’t know where your vehicles are at any given time. For example, you may need to divert a member of staff to a new location to help a client but aren’t sure which employees are in the area. This could mean you have to make several phone calls before being able to assign a driver to the task.

However, when using a high-quality GPS tracking system, you can instantly view this information. You can then make the most suitable decision based on real-time data. As you can view your tracking system account on any internet-connected device, you don’t even need to be in the office when ensuring your fleet is operating efficiently.

Improved Driver Safety

It’s crucial to make sure your employees are driving your vehicles in a safe manner. If not, they could cause harm to themselves, others, and your vehicles. When you use a real-time tracking system, you can check if a vehicle is exceeding the speed limit or if it is braking too harshly.

This allows you to see which employees require extra training, and which ones are driving safely on the roads. While you could look at these reports at the end of the day, you may also be able to set up live alerts in case there is unacceptable driving behavior. You can then take immediate action to prevent the incident from occurring again.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Some insurance companies may be willing to offer a discount on your premium if you have a real-time fleet tracking system installed. This is because vehicle recovery may be easier in the event of a theft. As you can monitor and improve driver behavior, it could also make it less likely your vehicles will be involved in a road accident.

Shop around various insurers and ask how much you could save by having trackers on your vehicles.

Better Vehicle Maintenance Planning

You can add dates for when each vehicle is due its next service onto your tracking system and receive alerts at the relevant times. But, you can also keep your fleet in better condition as you can view reports about how far your vehicles have driven and if they were subject to any harsh driving.

You can then decide if some of your vehicles would need maintenance work earlier than expected. This could also help reduce costs as your fleet can stay in excellent condition throughout the year, potentially lowering the risk of requiring one-off expensive repairs.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking Could Benefit Your Business

Real-time vehicle tracking can bring many excellent benefits to your business. Not only can these systems help you save on fuel costs and insurance premiums, but they can also assist with improving driver safety. In addition, you may find it’s easier to maintain your fleet, and that you’re able to provide your customers with an enhanced service.

You may soon wonder why you haven’t installed a real-time vehicle tracking system before now!

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