What Are The 3 A’s In Childcare?

Did you know that 91% of parents believe that parenting is the greatest joy on earth? While 73% say that there’s no other challenge that’s as big as parenting! And 70% of parents say that their life started when they became parents to beautiful kids childcare in Adelaide.

Parenting is a challenging yet beautiful experience for couples or single parents, and it requires you to learn and maintain a positive atmosphere to raise a happy kid. Parents need to follow a consistent childcare system to impart the values of discipline and self-dependence into their growing little champ.

According to childcare specialists and successful parents, here are the 3 As of childcare that parents need to implement to promote a child-friendly home environment. It’s also essential to have an optimistic outlook towards life and follow the things yourself before teaching your kids. That’s because a child can easily adapt your attitude and habits, and if you develop good habits, your kid will copy them too.


As a caregiver, you should focus on your child’s visual and auditory aspects. Try to understand which model of communication your child is comfortable in. While some kids like to speak out their thoughts and problems, others would prefer to stay silent. In the latter case, try to look for other non-verbal cues like body language and unusual activities.

In short, always be attentive to your kid’s activities and watch out for any issues they might be facing. Sometimes, communication can be as simple as eye contact without saying a word – yes, unspoken words can suggest a lot at times. You need to understand your child’s comfort levels and mode of communication.

Professionals for childcare in Adelaide suggest that you should smile as much as possible to make your kids realize that you are giving attention to them, especially when you are parenting a toddler or a newborn. Your smile is the first thing your kid will wake up to every day. It’s essential to set a happy and cheerful mood for your child in the morning after he wakes up.

Appreciation or Approval

Approval is the feedback that a child receives from others to tell them that they are accepted as they are. Many parents mistake criticizing their kids or comparing them with other children. It will hamper the little one’s self-esteem and self-worth, and as a result, the child may start doubting himself.

Try to appreciate your kids even for their little achievements or activities. It doesn’t mean that you will approve of any wrongdoings they may have done, but even if you are telling them not to do something, do it without criticizing your kid’s actions. It will build self-confidence and trust in your kid.


Caregiving is a lot about making your child feel safe when you are around and being optimistic about life. Making your kids realize the importance of being self-confident will help them love and accept themselves for who they are. And this is possible through love and affection.

Keep your kids happy at all times so that they can develop a positive attitude from an early stage. Besides, children are victims of bullies and body shaming from other kids at school, especially at a young age.

Therefore, having a positive mindset and home environment will help your child cope with these problems easily rather than developing feelings of self-doubt. Apart from showing affection through activities like hugging and kissing, tell them that you love them.

Hug your kid every day to show that you care. Hugs make kids jovial and gleeful, thus developing an optimistic mindset. Besides, hugging will make skin-to-skin contact with your kid, boosting affection and trust, thus strengthening the child-parent bond.

Final Words

Keeping in mind these 3 As of Attention, Appreciation, and Affection should help you promote a positive atmosphere in your home and develop a strong bond between you and your kid.

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