What Are Electric Rods In Diablo II Resurrected

We often hear Diablo II Resurrected players talk about electric rods, but many people are not very familiar with electric rods and don’t know why there are so many affix combinations. First of all, as a blue magic weapon, the electric rod is also composed of a prefix and a suffix. The suffix can provide 20% casting speed. As can be seen from the screenshot below, other magic suffixes are of no practical use. The prefix is to add three lightning skills. These two affixes are the core of the electric rod. Without any one, it can not be called an electric rod. If you need to buy Diablo II Resurrected items, please head over to the most legit store – utplay.com.

However, we can see that the electric rods in the trading area have 3 to 4 magic enabling skills, and the other three are the professional skills of the magic enabling magic ball. Just like the exclusive head of the Druid can provide up to + 3 + 3 + 3 skills, the exclusive head of the barbarian can also provide up to + 3 + 3 + 3 skills of the barbarian. Naturally, the magic enabling magic ball can also provide + 3 + 3 + 3 professional skills of the magic enabling magic ball. You can see that the magic level of the magic ball is 1, whether it is ordinary level, extended level or elite level.

Magic level plus quality level is the magic affix level he can obtain. It can be seen that the magic affix level of adding three lightning skills is 60, so as long as it is an elite magic magic ball, you can wash out the electric rod. The quality level and magic level of magic make the magic ball are fixed, so as long as it is an elite magic make the magic ball, you can have + 3 lightning skill and 20% affixes for fast casting.

However, the professional skills of magic magic ball depend on the item level. Only when the item level is greater than 37 can there be a professional skill of level 30, that is, lightning specialization. If you just want to add three lightning skills and 20% casting speed, you don’t need level 30 lightning expertise for the professional skills of magic to make the magic ball. In fact, you can use flawless gems, ordinary gems or even broken gems. Just using flawless gems, common gems and broken gems will reduce your item level.

If you want to add 3 lightning specialization to your electric rod, you must ensure that your magic ball item level is greater than 37. If you want the best electric rod, you can only wash it with three perfect gemstones. As for the affixes of adding life or mana on the baton, it is also an additional attribute that magic can provide as exclusive D2R items. Just like the paladin’s exclusive shield, it can provide full resistance.

Magic affixes and Magic have completed the professional skills of the magic ball, but he has no holes! All the electric rods sold in the trading area are perforated. This requires the punching task in Act 5. The punching task in Act 5 can punch holes for blue equipment. Random 1 to 2 holes appear, and then inlay two electric beads, which is a perfect electric rod.

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