Want To Support a Black Business? Here Are 5 Already in the News

People can say that they support black lives and success all they want. They can change social media statuses, read books and blogs for Black History month, or have a grand celebration on the recently-added federal holiday of Juneteenth. However, none of those offer the same level of actual support and allyship as giving patronage to a black-owned business.

If you’re tired of lip-service activism and want to put your money where your mouth is, you can’t afford to miss these 5 shining examples of black business.

1. Warm Your Feet With Kind Socks

Everyone loves having cozy feet, no matter the temperature outside. Kind Socks, founded by Stephen Steele, combines eye-catching patterns with soft, well-constructed socks that are kind to your feet.

Even better? They’re kind to the environment since they use ethically-sourced cotton and ensure that a portion of their funds goes to charity.

2. Care for Your Skin With Karité

While most people look to black haircare for obvious differences in treatment, black skin requires different care techniques than white, especially during the winter. Abena Slowe, Naana Boakye, and Akua Okunseinde bring their combined talents in dermatology, law, and sales to the table to create skincare products designed for and by black women.

Each of their products uses shea butter that’s been ethically sourced from Ghana. So, you don’t need to worry about contributing to exploitation when you purchase from them.

3. Style Up Your Space With Sabai

Do you want modern-looking furniture with an eye on sustainability? Then you have to check out Sabai. This North Carolina-based, black-owned business custom builds furniture to order. They have a gorgeous selection of fabric swatches that you can choose from, all of which get made from sustainable materials.

4. Enjoy a Taste of the Caribbean With Sorel

Enjoying a drink that honors the creator’s black heritage and supports the black business?

If so, then you can’t miss Sorel, the creation of Jackie Summers. This incredible entrepreneur took a traditional drink from the Caribbean, made it shelf-stable, and managed to find a way to turn his business around and make it profitable after a struggle to get off the ground.

5. Read Up on the Semicolon Bookstore

Literature is one of the places where the absence of black voices hits the hardest. That’s why the owners of the Semicolon bookstore made it their mission to create a space dedicated to raising Chicago literacy rates. That’s why the owners of the Semicolon bookstore made it their mission to create a space dedicated to raising Chicago literacy rates.

They provide a gorgeous environment for kids to read books from people who truly understand their struggles.

Looking for More Ways to Support Black Business?

Supporting black business doesn’t end with Black History Month or Juneteenth. It’s a year-round endeavor. These are just a few of the thousands of black entrepreneurs bringing excellence to the community.

If you’re looking for more ways that you can support a black-owned business near you, check out the Lifestyle section of our blog. We have more articles that can help you diversify your shopping experience and broaden your horizons.

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