Used Bikes Vs. New Bikes In Bangalore: Top 5 Key Differences To Consider While Buying Bikes 

Bangalore has a large chunk of young people who have either come to the city to study or for a job. Bikes are one of the most viable options for commuting and other purposes for these people. Bikes come cheaper than cars and require less maintenance. Bangalore does not have a very well connected, cheap transport system which makes bikes a great option for people who wish to save some money and also reach their destination in time. 

While some buy new bikes, others consider buying second-hand ones. It can work great if you get yourself a good deal for a bike that comes in decent condition. A lot of people get confused about the choices of buying a newer and second-hand bike. Well, the decision largely depends on what your requirements are and how much you are willing to spend. In any which way, a good second-hand bike is always worth the deal. You can get several used bikes for sale in Bangalore. All you need to do is look in the right place. 

Now if you are still confused between buying a new and used bike, you have landed at the right place. We will try to compare various aspects that one must consider when buying a bike – be it a new or used one. Therefore, before you look for used bikes for sale in Bangalore, take a look at these differences.

Differences to Consider While Buying Bikes 

One must remember that new and old bikes will be different in many ways. If you want the best and latest model, it is impossible to get that in an old bike. But if you wish to save some bucks and get a bike that will serve you decently, you can consider a second-hand model. Let us elaborate on these points more and throw light on the differences that will help you make an informed decision. 


New bikes come with the latest technology but with second-hand bikes, you may or may not get the latest technology. New bikes are better when compared technically but if you want a utilitarian bike, second-hand ones work fine.

But some people love to own the latest model with the latest technology. However, if the latest technology is not your priority, you can very easily look for used bikes for sale in Bangalore. 

New bikes come with upgraded technology but they can be very expensive.


If you buy used bikes for sale in Bangalore your expense would be cut down significantly. Brand new bikes come quite expensive and everyone can’t bear the expenses right away. If you manage to get a loan to buy a bike, you would still have to pay unnecessary interest. 

Purchasing a second-hand bike will assist you in saving some amount of money. To get the best deal you can, look for used bikes for sale in Bangalore. 

When you buy a second-hand bike you need not spend all your savings on it. 

Insurance Premium 

More and more people today are opting for vehicle insurance. Earlier, people would think of bike insurance as an unnecessary expenditure but today’s youth are smarter when it comes to finances. Therefore, most of them want to have insurance. And this insurance comes from paying premiums. 

When you buy a new bike, you have to undergo the hassle of making the insurance papers and go through a web of official processes. However, when you buy a second-hand bike, you get the insurance in fewer steps. All you need to do is transfer the papers issued in the name of the previous owner to your own.  


Your new bike, no matter how technologically forward it may be, will get old and a new one with better features will come to the market. This will take its depreciation rate higher and despite having spent a ton of money, you would still not have the best. If you have the money, you can, by all means, get the new bike. But if you are tight on your budget, do not feel pressured to buy a new one. Look for used bikes for sale in Bangalore and you might get one that is comparatively new in the market of second-hand bikes. 


New bikes come with a warranty which often old bikes lack. However, you can find a seller who is willing to sell his bike within the warranty period. You must be patient and find a seller who is looking to sell off his new bike. And trust us, there are several fresh bikes available for sale in the market. You can carefully go through the list of used bikes for sale in Bangalore and sort the ones that come with a warranty period. 

That being said, let us include that these days some companies which sell used bikes, offer a warranty on them. All you must do is find a suitable company that will give the benefits of a warranty even on an old model. 

Bangalore is abundant in people who own bikes. Since the city is spread over a large area with expensive and sometimes scarce transport networks, a bike or scooter comes in handy. You can travel anywhere and at any time of the day. Moreover, parking a bike is less challenging than parking a car. 

Whether you want to get a new bike or one that is second-hand is completely your choice. A lot of people these days consider the latter due to financial convenience. Unless you have a passion for new bikes with the latest technology and features, a second-hand one should work fine. To get the best deal and the best bikes, you can search for used bikes for sale in Bangalore. You will find several companies in the city selling the bikes in good condition. The second-hand bike market is gaining popularity among bike lovers and more and more people are fulfilling their desire of owning a bike easily.

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