Ultimate Guide to Buying the best Headphones

Step inside a shop to buy headphones for yourself and you are left confused about which one to get your hands on. There is an undying variety of headphones out there and likewise, there is a lot to consider before you buy one for yourself.

Whether you love music or you want headphones that can deliver an impeccable sound quality while you are watching your favorite movies; here is the ultimate guide to help you in doing so. We have put together some useful pieces of information which will guide you in analysing the best headphones for yourself and make an investment that goes a long way.

What Kind of Headphones are you Looking for?

Headphones are available in different sizes, shapes with a variety in their audio peripherals and connection types as well. Thus, it is best to know which one you would like to buy.

This is what we picture in our head, when we talk about over ear headphones and they are the largest ones in the market too. These headphones are the best in terms of audio production. From spectrum to bass and treble notes; everything is perfect. However, they must be comfortable and the ear pads of these headphones play a huge role in determining their comfort level. They also have a better battery life.

The only downside to these headphones is their size. You wouldn’t be very comfortable wearing these while you are on a walk or you have stopped by a casino or bar for a drink.

If you want the same audio quality as over ear headphones but don’t want the heaviness along; then on ear headphones are certainly a great pick for you. They come with collapsible hinges to make them easier to store. The bass and treble notes produce the best audio and are great for enjoying your music and movies.

However, you wouldn’t really want these if you are looking for nose blockage. As they are just on the ear, they have space in them to let the background noise sleep in a  bit. They are not easily carryable either, because they are not as portable as ear buds.

Nowadays, this is the most comfortable and commonly used headphone type. They are compatible with all types of smartphones and other devices. They come in wireless and wired forms and have wonderful audio quality due to passive isolation. It cancels the sound quality impeccably well. They are also easy to fit in almost all types of budgets.

There are not any considerably large cons to it and due to their comfort and affordability, they have become a widely used option these days.

What do you need them for?

The biggest factor that helps you buy the right headphones for yourself is what do you need them for?

For instance, if you are looking for headphones for gaming, then over ear or on-ear are the best ones. Likewise, if you need headphones for daily use, for your calls and music then earbuds might be just fine too. Thus, what do you plan to do with them and what kind of output do you require, will help you in deciding the type of headphones you want and you can easily pick the one under the category that suits you.


The right headphones help you enjoy music, movies and your gaming sessions a lot more. They enhance your experience ten folds. Thus, buy the right one and have fun!

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