8 Different Types of Mobile Notary Services

Notary services are a great way to make sure your signature and other important documents will be valid. They can also help you with any legal paperwork that needs to be filed. Notaries have been around for hundreds of years, but now they come in many different forms!

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In this blog post, we’ll discuss few types of mobile notary services available today.

1. Mobile Notary Public

The first type of notary service that we’ll look at is the mobile notary public. Mobile notaries are usually self-employed and will travel to wherever they’re needed in a given area. They don’t have an actual storefront but instead go from place to place to meet with clients who need their services.

These types of services tend to be perfect for those needing something signed or witnessed outside of regular business hours or on weekends when most standard banks and other governmental offices are closed. In some cases, these people may even visit businesses during off-hours as well! The fees you pay depend on which state you live in and what type of service your local laws require from them. International Notary Association is a great online resource that can help you find mobile notaries in your area.

2. Mobile Notary Service

Mobile notary services are similar to mobile notaries (the first type of service we discussed), but instead, they’re usually employed by a larger company. This means that they’ll have their place of business with an address, phone number, and website you can check out before handing over your legal documents for signing or witnessing.

You may also be able to contact the local branch (or branches) if it’s easier than having someone come to meet you at home, work, or another desired location. In most cases, the fee will depend on what state you live in and how much time is required from them.

3. Mobile Notary Agency

Mobile notary agencies are similar to mobile notaries and mobile notary services, but they’ll usually work for a more prominent firm with several employees. This means that they won’t need as much training as those who work as independent contractors since there will be others around them. Birth Certificate Apostille is an excellent resource if you need to get it done easily.

4. Mobile Notary Appointment

Many notaries also offer appointments so you can get your legal documents signed in a more timely fashion. This is perfect for those who don’t have time to sit around and wait or want someone from the company to come by their place of business instead of staying at home all day.

The fees vary depending on which state you live in and what type of service is required. Still, it’s usually cheaper than going with other kinds of mobile notary services since they already have an office that customers can visit when needed. Apostille Near Me is a great place to get an Apostille for your documents.

5. Mobile Notary Drive-By

If you need something signed or witnessed, but don’t have time to meet with a notary public in person, then mobile notary drive-bys may be the perfect solution for you. The best part is that it’s completely free and can save both parties involved valuable time. This type of service often works excellent for that major outside city where there aren’t many other options available when signing important documents.

6. Mobile Notary Mailbox

Another type of mobile notary service is the mailbox one, where you can send in all your essential documents to be signed, witnessed, or certified for a fee. This works great when you don’t have time to meet with someone before they expire or want an individual document sent back quickly. Prices vary depending on which state you live in and what type of services are required, but it’s usually cheaper than other types since no travel is involved. Mobile Notary Services In San Diego is an excellent service to use if you need something witnessed or notarized.

7. Mobile Notary Public for Banks

Banks and other businesses that need to sign, certify or notarize many legal documents often contract with mobile notaries public. This means they’ll pay anywhere from $50 – $100 per hour (or more) depending on where you live and how much time the professional requires.

8. Mobile Notary Real Estate

If you’re buying or selling a house, it’s highly recommended that you hire a mobile notary public. This will ensure that all essential documents are signed in person and legal mistakes don’t occur. The fees will vary depending on which state you live in and what type of service is required, so be sure to ask about the charges before signing anything!


The fees associated with mobile notary services can also differ according to the type of service you need to be done. All in all, it’s important always to hire a trusted professional that has the necessary qualifications and rating since this will help ensure that your legal documents are handled correctly.

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