Transform a Traditional Space With a Contemporary Style

The modern interior design style has a sleek, chic aesthetic that’s taking over homes by storm. More homeowners than ever are turning to professionals to help them design their abodes. 

If you’re thinking of giving your space a contemporary design makeover, it’s easy to do yourself.

Check out these tips to help you give a traditional space some modern, contemporary style. 

Declutter and Streamline

You don’t have to go full minimalist to enjoy the contemporary style, but a clean, open space is a good start. Go through your stuff and start by getting rid of the things you really don’t use or need.

Divide everything into three piles, including items you want to keep, things you want to give away, and items to donate. Once your space is streamlined, you can start thinking about new furniture or a new layout. 

When you pare down your belongings, it will help to create a blank slate to work from. Use this to your advantage, so you can choose a new paint color and furniture that fits a more contemporary space.

Choose Colors that Echo Contemporary Style

Color plays a vital role in any room’s design. From decor and flooring to furniture and wall colors, select a palette that has a sleek, modern look.

Avoid darker colors like hunter green or dark brown. Instead, stick with modern hues like gray or metallics like silver and gold. 

You can also play with patterns to create a modern design. Mix and match bold prints on throw pillows, artwork, and rugs for a unique eclectic look.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Now is the time to ditch those old, outdated light fixtures and replace them with something new. Try a large sputnik-style chandelier for an awesome mid-century modern vibe.

Explore various forms and shapes that reflect modern design, like a small touch lamp in a unique silhouette. Select light fixtures made of glass and metal rather than classic fixtures with fabric shades or those made of wood. Track lighting and accent lights also add a modern vibe. 

Create a Focal Point

Every modern space needs a focal point to tie it together. Whether it’s a massive wall painting, an unusual sculpture, or a sleek mirror, select something that will be the anchor in the room.

You can also create an accent wall to draw the eye to the room. Use a funky patterned wallpaper, paint one wall a different color, or add some textured tile.

Place your focal point either in the center of the room or above the fireplace or television. This will be the jumping-off point to help you choose modern decor that works with it for a cohesive look. 

Elevate Your Space

Keep these simple tips in mind if you want to give your home a touch of contemporary style. Whether you’re upgrading your lighting, decluttering, or picking out new paint colors, it’s easy to give your home a new, modern look.

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