Top Five International Languages that are Helpful to Learn in Today’s World

There are thousands of different languages spoken all over the world. However, as time passes, people are realizing that knowing multiple languages is an extremely valuable skill to have. This is because many companies are now hiring international employees and knowing multiple languages can give you a serious edge over others at work. 

If you are someone who wants to learn a new language but doesn’t know which one to learn, you have come to the right place. Mentioned below are five of the most useful languages to learn nowadays: 

Mandarin (Chinese)

Mandarin is on top of the list with over a billion mandarin speakers all over the world. Although most Chinese speakers are located within China, there are tons of people all over the world who speak Chinese which makes it a useful language. 

Moreover, China is emerging as a new world power which makes Mandarin Chinese an even stronger candidate to choose as your second language. Plus, when it comes to different business topics, English might not be able to help you because China is taking the lead in many business industries, which is why you will have to know Mandarin to become a successful businessman in the current day and age. 


Most Spanish-speaking countries, with their rich cultural heritage and vibrant landscapes, are located in South and Central America, making them highly sought-after travel destinations for tourists from all corners of the globe. Moreover, with a significant population of Spanish-speakers in the United States, mastering the Spanish language can prove invaluable, especially if you’re considering a move to America. Additionally, there are nearly 600 million native Spanish speakers worldwide, encompassing over 8% of the global population, each infusing their unique Spanish accent into this melodious language.


Back in the day, Arabic was just spoken by Arab nomads living in the deserts. Over time because of a lack of outside exposure, it became one of the most sophisticated languages in the entire world. Today it is the official language of more than 20 countries. Some of these countries happen to be home to tons of popular travel destinations in the world like Burj Khalifa, pyramids, and Dubai mall. 

Furthermore, it is an important language for 1.8 billion Muslims around the world as it is the language of all their scriptures. All of this makes Arabic worth learning. 


Russian is the 8th most spoken language all over the world with around 2.4 % of the world population speaking Russian as their first language. If that isn’t enough to convince you how useful of a language Russian has become, here’s more: Russian has the second greatest percentage of internet content after English. That means not knowing Russian deprives us of half of the resources on the internet which is why Russian is one of the most useful languages to learn nowadays. 


Portuguese is spoken by millions of people around the world. People in some of the countries in  America, Europe, Asia, and Africa have Portuguese as their national language. Moreover, it is the official language in Brazil which is a rising economic hub of the world. Many multinational companies are setting up shop in Brazil and there has been a massive surge in tourism within the past year. All of these factors have increased the demand for Portuguese speakers all over the world. 

In Conclusion: 

Learning a new language has become much easier than ever before. We now have access to a never-ending stream of resources at our disposal at all times to learn from. Mentioned above are some of the most useful languages that you can learn. See which one adds the most value to your life and start learning. 

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